Who Qualifies for Assisted Living in Louisiana?

Who Qualifies for Assisted Living in Louisiana?

When it comes to assisted living in Louisiana, individual communities are all unique, offering services and support to residents who have diverse needs and preferences. Perhaps one of the most popular levels of senior care, assisted living is designed to be personalized, offering custom assistance to residents that keeps them feeling healthy and happy for years.

If you are searching for assisted living in Louisiana for yourself or your loved one, you might be wondering if you “fit” the assisted living mold. While all residents are diverse, there are a few commonalities among residents who thrive in an assisted living community. So, who qualifies for assisted living in Louisiana?

Needs Some Support for Activities of Daily Living

Almost every resident in an assisted living community enjoys support with one-to-three activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are tasks we all do each day: dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, ambulating, transferring, and toileting. It is common for assisted living residents to need some type of support with these tasks, and they benefit from personalized assistance that can increase their energy and reduce their risk of falling.

Support can include simple verbal cues, laying out supplies for the task, or hands-on assistance. Assisted living communities provide support via caregivers, and that support can increase or decrease based on the resident’s needs at that moment.

Would Benefit From Socialization

One of the most overlooked benefits of assisted living in Louisiana is the opportunity for socialization and connecting with peers. Assisted living communities have robust event calendars, featuring activities and programs designed to enhance quality of life and foster meaningful connections between neighbors.

Older adults who live alone or who have expressed loneliness can significantly benefit from life in an assisted living community. They will have the chance to walk down the hallway to attend a happy hour, music program, or group exercise class.

Requires Some Medical Support or Advocacy

Residents who live in assisted living communities typically have at least one chronic condition or complex diagnosis that might be difficult to manage alone at home. Services in assisted living include medication management and personal care planning with oversight from a nurse. This nurse is also there to assist with physician communication and follow up with medical orders.

Family members who struggle to keep up with prescription refills or physician communication can find a move to assisted living reduces their to-do list; assisted living benefits the resident and their family caregivers!

Prefer to Downsize Household Responsibilities

Assisted living communities offer a maintenance-free lifestyle and provide services like housekeeping and laundry to residents. Add these services to chef-prepared meals in a restaurant-style dining room three times daily, and it is easy to see why older adults who are tired of the household tasks required when living alone are relieved to move to an assisted living community.

If you or your loved one could use the peace of mind and maintenance-free living that comes with assisted living in Louisiana, we would love to welcome you to learn more about Stiles Assisted Living at The Glen. Contact us to learn more about our active community or to schedule your visit.

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