A Day in the Life of Assisted Living

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to call an assisted living community home? Thanks to perks like maintenance-free living, wellness amenities and care, assisted living communities are popular choices for older adults who could benefit from extra peace of mind, support and socialization.

Of course, each assisted living community is unique, just like the residents they serve. Let’s follow a fictional assisted living resident so you can experience what a day in the life could look like if you were to choose this option.

Meet James

James is our fictional assisted living resident, full of plenty of vigor at 71 years old. He moved to assisted living a few years after his beloved wife died. He found that he was lonely most of the day and that he wasn’t keeping up with eating well once he didn’t have his wife with him. His move to assisted living gave him the support he needed to feel more like himself again.

Good Morning

James wakes up early every morning so he can head down to meet his friends for breakfast. There are four men that meet him for coffee, and they are always the first in the dining room. The dining staff knows to have the coffee brewing extra early and always greet James and his friends with a smile.

After breakfast, it is time to meet up with the community’s walking club. James didn’t necessarily want to join a walking club, but his neighbor convinced him to try it out and now he goes every day. The group walks around the community, chatting about life and telling jokes. Every Friday, the group gets on the community bus and walks at a new location. Sometimes it is a local trail while other times it is inside the mall long before the stores open.

After walking club, James moseys down to the community game room. There is always someone in there to visit with. Most of the time, James doesn’t even play any games. He just likes to chat with others and relax a bit.

Good Afternoon

After lunch, James typically spends time in his apartment. He likes to reset and relax for a few hours. The community staff knows this about him and after they come to remind him to take his medication, they leave him alone to enjoy the peace and quiet.

When he emerges from his apartment in the late afternoon, James heads to the community’s art workshop. He has been trying his hand at painting and while his pieces aren’t professional, he has found that he really looks forward to working on them most afternoons. 

Good Evening

Once the dining room is open for dinner, James and his friends sit down at their favorite table. After dinner, James gets some extra help from a caregiver. The caregiver reminds him to take his evening medications and takes his blood pressure so his doctor can stay updated. Then, it is time to pour a glass of his favorite beverage and enjoy the sunset on his patio. He waters the plants out there (they remind him of his wife, who loved nature), and makes a quick call to his son to say hello.

Then, James relaxes with his favorite cowboy movies before getting ready for bed.

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