Reasons Why You Should Attend the Caregiver Support Group at The Glen

Did you know that The Glen hosts a monthly support group specifically for caregivers who are caring for (or love) someone living with memory loss? Our support group is held on the first Thursday of each month and has become a haven for caregivers across the area. Not sure if you should attend the group? Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining us next time.

You feel lonely in your journey as a caregiver.

Even though the Alzheimer’s Association tells us that more than six million Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s disease, it isn’t easy to find other caregivers who are walking the same path as you. Caregiving can feel quite lonely and family caregivers are more likely to isolate themselves from friends, which can increase the risk for depression or anxiety.

Caregiving alone and without support doesn’t have to be the answer. During our support group sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other people who are just like you – doing their best to learn and cope.

You aren’t sure where to find local resources.

Have you wondered where you can find meal delivery services, medical equipment or safety products for your loved one’s home? The good news is that you can find resources to support yourself and your loved one locally. The bad news is that most family caregivers aren’t sure where to look first.

During our caregiver support groups, you can learn about resources (and get feedback about them) by speaking with other caregivers. Our support group also invites local experts to come in and speak about resources available in the area.

You don’t know how to interact with your loved one.

Family caregivers can struggle with knowing how to have positive interactions with their loved ones, especially as dementia begins to progress. Knowing the best practices in dementia care can help turn your daily visits or interactions into a positive situation instead of a frustrating one.

Each support group session has an education component, giving participants reliable information about the disease process as well as how to effectively manage caregiving tasks. Information is power and you’ll feel empowered every time you leave a group session.

You are feeling depressed, anxious, or ill.

Family caregivers are at risk for caregiver burnout, a term used to describe physical and emotional health issues that come from caregiving tasks. If you are feeling more depressed or anxious than usual, or if you are finding yourself getting sick more often or for longer periods of time, you could already be living with burnout.

You cannot care for your loved one if you are sick yourself. Attending a support group at The Glen is one way you can pour into your self-care routine. You’ll meet others who can encourage you and get the information you need to care for yourself so that you can better serve your loved one.

Learn more about our support group or sign up to attend by contacting Lydia Earhart at 318-798-3500 or emailing [email protected].

We hope to see you soon!

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