Why More and More People Are Moving To a Retirement Community

Why More and More Older Adults Are Moving to a Retirement Community

Retirement community life is gaining more and more popularity as the Boomer generation challenges the traditional retirement model. If you are wondering why older adults are making a retirement community part of their future plans, here are just a few reasons.

Maintenance-Free Living

A retirement community offers the opportunity to leave housekeeping, lawn maintenance and other chores behind, giving residents the chance to use that time to pursue what matters to them. Skip cleaning the house from top to bottom and instead spend the day shopping and exploring a town a few hours away.

A retirement community provides the opportunity for residents to enjoy newly acquired free time and new opportunities. 

Amenities That Make Healthy Living More Accessible

It’s so much easier to eat more vegetables and lean protein when you know a trained Chef is doing the planning, chopping, dicing and cooking. Similarly, a new workout routine seems more attainable when you can take a group fitness class with your neighbor in the same building near your home.

Adults living in a retirement community are able to meet their personal wellness goals more easily because of the amenities, resources and services on campus. From personal trainers to grab-and-go healthy meals at the community restaurant to the onsite fitness center, retirement communities make health and wellness more convenient.

New Neighbors Become New Friends

Today’s adults are making a conscious decision to stay as connected to their community and friends as possible. Even the most social person can struggle with shrinking friend circles as they age, especially as they work less and as their children grow. At a retirement community, residents have the chance to interact with neighbors that are interesting and unique.

Residents can schedule a walk after breakfast with a group of friends, or even plan a trip with the new residents they met at last month’s social event. Staying connected, and enjoying the physical and mental health benefits that come with that socialization, is just one more reason why people are planning for life in a retirement community.

More Opportunities to Enjoy

Living at home alone or with a partner can feel fulfilling for some, but life in a retirement community offers residents more opportunities to connect, pursue their passions and feel their best. If community living sounds interesting to you, or if you are curious about what life is like at an exceptional community, contact the team at The Glen. We would love to tell you more about independent living at Redbrook’s newly opened residences in our vibrant and active community.

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