What is the Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living in Shreveport

What is the Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living in Shreveport?

Have you found yourself confused when it comes to finding the right living solution for yourself or your loved one? Trying to find your way through senior living options in Shreveport and beyond can feel frustrating, especially if you don’t know the types of options available. Perhaps one of the most common questions family members have is figuring out the differences between nursing homes and assisted living in Shreveport.

If you are wondering how the two are different, here are some facts.

What is a nursing home?

The term “nursing home” is no longer used in most senior living industry jargon. These communities are now referred to as skilled nursing facilities, or SNFs. A skilled nursing community offers more care for the residents, including onsite rehab therapy services.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living communities offer caregiver support around the clock, but these caregivers do not offer skilled nursing services. Instead, caregivers offer personalized assistance with activities of daily living, including medication management.

How are nursing homes and assisted living similar?

Both assisted living and skilled nursing provide assistance to residents who live there. They each offer three meals and snacks to residents as well as life-enriching programs and events. 

How is skilled nursing and assisted living different from one another?

When it comes down to it, the main difference in skilled nursing and assisted living is the type of clinical services. Skilled nursing offers skilled care performed by nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants in a much more clinical setting. In contrast, assisted living residents enjoy personalized assistance in a more long-term, homelike setting.

How long do residents stay at skilled nursing communities?

It depends. Sometimes, adults come to receive support, assistance and therapy in order to recover or get stronger after a hospital stay or surgery. These are short-term residents and typically stay less than three months.

For someone who needs more medical management for longer periods of time, staying long-term in a skilled nursing community is the best solution.

How can I find assisted living in Shreveport?

If you are searching for assisted living in Shreveport, begin by scheduling tours of communities in your desired location. While you are there, pay attention to details like:

  • Cleanliness of the community
  • How the residents interact with one another
  • How the caregivers interact with residents
  • How the dining experience is
  • If the menu is diverse and offers choices
  • If the event calendar offers daily programs that are interesting and engaging
  • If there are excursions offered throughout the month
  • The amenities and services offered
  • If there are multiple floor plans available

You can even look for communities that offer both assisted living and skilled nursing on the same campus. At The Glen, we offer assisted living services at The Stiles Assisted Living as well as skilled nursing at Village Health Care

Contact us to schedule your tour today. We are happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have.

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