7 Facts About Assisted Living That Might Surprise You

7 Facts About Assisted Living That Might Surprise You

Assisted living communities are one of the most popular choices for senior living. These active communities often offer the best of both worlds: an independent lifestyle but with the extra support from caregivers for safety, health, and peace of mind. Whether you know a lot about assisted living or if you are new to researching potential communities, having the right information can help you love this senior living solution. 

Here are 7 facts about assisted living that might surprise you. 7 Facts About Assisted Living That Might Surprise You

It’s Not a Nursing Home

The term “nursing home” isn’t used any longer by senior living professionals. However, when it is used by others, it is often used to describe any type of senior living community. Assisted living communities are nothing like the nursing home you might have visited your great grandmother in many years ago. 

Instead, assisted living communities often look and feel like a cozy home. Assisted living communities often focus on the full resident experience and use hospitality best practices to ensure residents feel pampered and cared for.

The Amenities are Really Good…

Amenities at assisted living communities are there to enhance life, encourage social connections, and make wellness more convenient. You’ll find different amenities in every assisted living community, with some communities, like The Glen’s own Stiles Assisted Living community, going all out with an onsite salon, a chapel, walking paths, and landscaped gardens. 

…and So Are the Services

On top of high-end amenities, assisted living communities also provide exceptional services to residents. Some common services include transportation, housekeeping, linen and laundry, as well as concierge services. 

Caregivers Provide Personalized Assistance

Not everyone in an assisted living community needs extensive hands-on assistance. Instead, some might need verbal cues while other residents might just need a few check-ins each day. Caregivers at assisted living communities don’t treat everyone the same. They offer personalized assistance based on each resident’s unique needs, abilities, and preferences.

There are More Activities than Just Bingo

Bingo is a fun game, certainly, but there are many other social events and programs offered at assisted living communities. Life enrichment team members plan social hours, live performances, crafts, and movie showings, all with resident preferences in mind. Events happen throughout the day and evening, which means residents can always find something to do

Team Members Become Extended Family Members

Assisted living communities have team members who have hearts for service and work hard to build relationships with residents and their loved ones. It’s no surprise that eventually team members begin to feel like extended family, knowing details about residents like how they take their coffee or the name of their granddaughter and where she goes to college. 

Assisted living communities are there to serve you, and to surprise you with exceptional hospitality, amenities, and dining. Contact us to learn more about Stiles Assisted Living; we are happy to answer your questions.

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