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What Is a Maintenance-Free Lifestyle in Assisted Living in Louisiana

As you begin your search for assisted living in Louisiana, you’ll be met with many phrases and terms that might be new to you, especially if you haven’t looked for senior living in the past few decades. One of those terms is “maintenance-free lifestyle,” and it is often sold as the top benefit for living in a retirement community. We take a deep dive into the question: What is a maintenance-free lifestyle in assisted living in Louisiana?

Maintenance-Free Lifestyle Defined

For most assisted living communities, a maintenance-free lifestyle encompasses the tasks and household chores that the community staff takes care of for the resident. Seniors in the community no longer need to worry about the responsibilities that can go along with living at home alone or owning a house.

Benefits of a Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Adults who are not thriving while living at home alone or with a partner are often using most of their time and energy to take care of chores like tidying up, cleaning, going grocery shopping, scheduling lawn maintenance, and other responsibilities. When they no longer have to worry about the mental and physical load of these tasks, they might see benefits like:

  • Increased energy
  • More confidence
  • More time to pursue passions and interests
  • Decreased risk of falling while performing tasks
  • Financial benefits such as predictable expenses, with no “surprise” bills 

Services Included

While each assisted living in Louisiana is unique, there are some common services included in most communities, like The Glen, that boast a maintenance-free lifestyle. 

Regular housekeeping visits

Depending on the community, housekeeping visits might be weekly or even more often, and include a trained team member coming into the apartment to clean. Cleaning services typically include taking out trash, vacuuming and/or mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, and dusting surfaces throughout the home.

When touring potential communities, ask them what services are included in housekeeping visits, how often they are scheduled, and if it is possible to schedule additional housekeeping visits if necessary.

Laundry and linen services

Residents at assisted living communities can also often expect laundry and linen services to be offered regularly. These services typically include stripping linens weekly and returning them clean, making up the bed weekly, and laundering clothes regularly. Each community has its own rules for whether these services are at an additional cost or if they are included in the monthly community fee.

When touring a potential community, ask about the service and cost, as well as if there are certain guidelines for laundry services such as choosing a specific day, labeling your clothes, or using specific laundry bags.

Maintenance visits

Assisted living residents often don’t have to worry if they suddenly have a leaky faucet or if they need a lightbulb changed. Friendly and helpful maintenance team members are there to provide those services at no cost and in a timely manner. Most maintenance services even include assistance with hanging up items on walls during move-in.

When touring a potential community, inquire about maintenance services when you move in, as well as how to schedule maintenance tasks and how long those tasks are typically scheduled.

Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

When you live in assisted living in Louisiana, you no longer need to worry about trimming hedges or disposing of lawn waste. Instead, the community takes care of all landscaping and lawn maintenance, allowing residents to simply enjoy beautifully manicured lawns, colorful gardens, and many shared spaces in nature.

Dining Experiences

One of the biggest tasks when living alone or with a partner is planning for and preparing meals three times per day. Assisted living communities make these tasks optional by providing meals for residents in the community dining room. Residents receive three meals per day that are carefully planned by trained chefs, and the menu is varied, giving residents options each time they sit down. Snacks are also often offered through social events and cooking demonstrations.

When touring a community, ask to see a copy of their menu. IYou can even ask if you can attend a meal at the community so you can experience it for yourself.

Transportation Services

While assisted living residents can often bring their cars to the community, many no longer choose to drive. However, they are certainly not expected to always stay inside the community! Most assisted living communities offer transportation services via community-owned and operated cars or accessible buses. Transportation services can often be scheduled ahead of time by informing a caregiver or designee and can take residents to appointments or run errands. Transportation is also offered for excursions hosted by the life enrichment department, such as to dinner at a favorite restaurant or to the museum.

When touring a community, ask about the transportation services offered and if they come at an additional cost. Ask how to schedule transportation and how much notice is required.

Wellness Services

Finally, assisted living residents enjoy access to wellness services to round out their maintenance-free lifestyle. This includes not only around-the-clock caregiver support, but also medication management, nursing oversight, and even on-site physician visits.

When touring a potential community, learn more about on-site wellness opportunities including visiting physicians and specialists, physical and occupational therapy services, and more about caregiving expectations.

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