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Is Independent Living in Shreveport for Me?

Independent living in Shreveport is all about giving older, active adults the amenities and services that can make retirement more convenient, more social, and even more enjoyable. If you are curious whether independent living might be a good complement to your retirement plans, we have a few questions for you to consider as you contemplate your options. Even if you haven’t thought of independent living as a part of your future plans, you might reevaluate after answering these questions.

Independent living communities are designed for active adults who are looking to rightsize their home and focus on building friendships, following their passions, and living life to the fullest. Each independent living community is unique, but you can expect to find outstanding service and hospitality, as well as wellness amenities and resources on most campuses. 

Does completing household chores and tasks take up a lot of my time?

Independent living communities not only offer housekeeping and maintenance services as a part of their monthly fee, but they also offer beautiful and modern residences that are easier to keep up with. You’ll have more time to get out and about to grab lunch with a friend or set up another tee time each week when you know you don’t have to worry about tidying up, deep cleaning, and scheduling lawn maintenance.

Do I sometimes wish I lived closer to friends who were up for anything?

Living in an intergenerational neighborhood can sometimes mean that when you’re looking for someone to play recreational games with, your neighbors are at work, at school, or in traffic. An advantage to living in an independent living community is that you are right there with like-minded adults who are also retired and are often up for a spontaneous game or who can plan a mid-week lunch book club. Independent living residents are welcoming and friendly; you’ll make new friends quickly and wonder how you managed without a handful of friends all within walking distance to your front door.

Would I like to let someone else do some of the driving?

Independent living communities often host regular group outings for shopping, dinner and exploring, with transportation provided.. Residents are welcomed to still bring their car and drive as often as they would like, but there is something luxurious about letting someone else map the route, fight the traffic, and find parking.

Could I benefit from dining in restaurants near my home with friends?

Planning and preparing healthy meals three times per day gets old pretty quickly. If you’ve been cooking for one or two for many years, you might be ready to put down your saute pan and pick up your wine glass instead. Independent living communities feature onsite dining venues, many with al fresco seating, and seasonal dishes. Even better? There are friends waiting at every table!

Does a low-maintenance, social lifestyle sound interesting?

Independent living communities are beautiful and packed with amenities like a swimming pool, walking trails, and onsite dining. But the real draw for many independent living residents is the lifestyle available there. If you’re ready to set down some responsibilities and pick up new friends while trying new opportunities, an independent lifestyle might be right for you.

The Glen: Exceptional Independent Living in Shreveport

At The Glen, independent living begins at Redbrook and the Stiles Apartments. We specialize in giving residents a low-maintenance lifestyle, access to amenities that enhance wellness, and service from a team that is dedicated to making life a bit more convenient and a lot more fun. Learn more about an independent living lifestyle and consider scheduling your tour soon.

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