Healthy Eating in Retirement Communities in Louisiana

Healthy Eating in Retirement Communities in Louisiana

Many adults can find that keeping up with planning, preparing and cleaning up for three meals a day is a cumbersome chore. Cooking for one or two can feel less satisfying than cooking for a table full of family or guests, and when you add in extra dietary considerations due to aging or chronic conditions, it is easy for cooking to lose its creative appeal.

When residents move into retirement communities in Louisiana, they are often excited about the prospect of chef-prepared meals served in the restaurants and dining rooms in their new home. Curious about what healthy eating can look like in a retirement community? We’re here to give you all the details.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Adults living at home can struggle with coming up with delicious and healthy meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. When this happens, it can become more common for them to eat the same things over and over. While this approach might be easier, in a retirement community in Louisiana, residents enjoy more variety.

Menus in a retirement community often change regularly to reflect seasonal ingredients while still incorporating comforting classics. Residents order from a menu full of selections, giving them the freedom to choose what sounds good to them that day. Variety can make for more meaningful meals.

Fresh Ingredients

Processed foods might be convenient, but they are packed with added sodium and often don’t have the vitamins and minerals that freshly prepared meals do. Residents dining in a retirement community can enjoy meals prepared with fresh ingredients that are full of flavor. For residents who are looking for a quick snack or grab-and-go meal, the options in a retirement community bistro are often freshly made as well, further decreasing the need for processed options.

Options to Entertain

Residents in retirement communities are always welcome to entertain guests in their residences or in the shared spaces of the community. At The Glen, for example, our Redbrook apartments are equipped with full kitchens, modern appliances and cabinet space for your favorite utensils and serving dishes. Residents are welcome to cook meals in their homes, but if they ever choose to leave the cooking and clean-up to us, guests are welcome to dine in any of our dining venues.

Sharing a Meal with Friends

Perhaps the best part of dining in a retirement community, aside from the delicious food, is the great company. The dining venues in a community are busy places where friends connect after an event or plan their days over a cup of coffee. Residents are always there to welcome new neighbors and offer suggestions about what to order.

Healthy eating can become more challenging as we get older. Fortunately, the right retirement community can be a delicious solution. 

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