3 Dishes Currently Offered At The Glen Stiles Apartments

3 Dishes Currently Offered At The Glen Stiles Apartments

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Who doesn’t consider the food when looking for options for assisted living? Dining at a community has changed a lot from what many may expect. We’re thinking more about the dining experience residents can enjoy every day in assisted living at The Glen.

Here are a few menu items you can expect to see this season at The Glen.

Three menu items available to The Glen Stiles Apartments Residents:

The best assisted living communities have more upscale and varied options than you might think. Here are three examples of dishes you’ll find at The Glen Stiles Apartments:

  1. Shrimp Creole: Enjoy the flavors of Louisiana spices that will remind you of home with a plateful of Shrimp Creole. Featuring a tomato-based sauce and succulent shrimp over fresh rice, this meal provides comfort and flavor with each mouthful. 
  2. Pork Marsala: Take a journey to the coast of Italy by way of a pork dish topped with a signatureMeals at The Glen Shreveport Marsala sauce. Great with rice or on its own, Pork Marsala is a dish residents at The Glen are often delighted by.
  3. Roasted Turkey: Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving at The Glen. This meal headliner is paired perfectly with a rich gravy, flavorful mustard greens, roasted butternut squash, buttery cornbread and carrot cake for dessert – what a treat!


Other Dining Options

These menu items are just a sampling of the type of cuisine to enjoy at The Glen. Other alternatives on the menu include fresh beefy burgers, a stacked BLT, the signature Glen chicken salad and many other options. 

But, a big part of dining is about the atmosphere. Here are three other dining options at The Glen:

  1. The Stiles Dining Room: Fashioned with fresh linen tablecloths, bouquets of flowers and chandeliers, The Stiles Dining Room is one of the best ways to enjoy our chef-prepared meals. It is a model of The Glen’s traditional elegance theme. Served with a side of comradery, you can meet new residents or visit with your neighbors while enjoying your dining experience.
  2. Dining in Grandmother’s Garden: This seasonal option lets you enjoy the fresh flavorful meal set within The Glen’s picturesque landscape. It’s a great al fresco dining experience when the beauty of the season is at the perfect temperature.Spinach at The Glen
  3. Fresh to your apartment: With floor plans created to feel like home, its understandable that you might want to enjoy a meal in the comfort of your apartment or seated on your outdoor patio. The Glen offers this option for residents and is happy to deliver your choice of menu selections fresh and warm right to your home.

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