Social Opportunities in Assisted Living in Louisiana

Social Opportunities in Assisted Living in Louisiana

Having dinner with friends, catching up with a family member over a cup of coffee or gathering with acquaintances at fitness class can be foundational elements of our daily, weekly and monthly routines. Connecting with our friends over shared meals and strengthening new relationships at an event can help us feel tethered to our social network. We feel supported, valued and cared for when we have a network of peers, family members and friends. 

The benefits of healthy socialization and meaningful connections outside of family extend well into retirement. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that isolation and loneliness in adults over the age of 55 can lead to negative health outcomes including more rapid cognitive decline, heart disease and even premature death.

Assisted living in Louisiana can be the ideal solution. Not only do residents enjoy low-maintenance living and around-the-clock caregiver support, but they also can take advantage of a busy and purposeful event calendar as they make new connections.

Social Amenities in Assisted Living in Louisiana

Assisted living communities are known for their amazing amenities like chef-prepared meals, outdoor gardens and walking paths, onsite salons and barber shops and more. However, when it comes to socialization, assisted living communities in Louisiana know the importance of creating connections between residents that will boost their emotional, cognitive and physical health.

Assisted living communities offer a vibrant event calendar with social opportunities available daily and ranging from socials to performances from favorite entertainers to small group discussions. Each month, the calendar changes to incorporate resident suggestions for events and to give residents the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal celebrations.

Beyond the event calendar, assisted living communities were designed to make it easy for neighbors to connect with one another. Communities feature shared spaces, like libraries and living rooms where it is easy to strike up a conversation with a neighbor. Dining rooms are bright, airy and social hotspots where residents connect with neighbors over a delicious meal. Outdoor patios and gardens allow for a wave hello from another resident. The entire community is a space for welcoming new connections.

Getting Connected

Family members and friends are always welcome in assisted living in Louisiana. Residents can invite family members to attend a special family event or to simply come by for a quick card game and chat. The more relationships a resident has, the better their overall health and wellness will be!

If you or your loved one is struggling with keeping up with friends at home due to a shrinking social circle, lack of transportation or cognitive decline, assisted living can be the answer you are searching for. Be sure to contact us at Stiles Assisted Living at The Glen to learn more about our social opportunities and amenities. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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