6 Assisted Living Facility Amenities That May Surprise You

6 Assisted Living Facility Amenities That May Surprise You

Some perks are nice to have. Others? They catch you off guard. Take a mint on a pillow in a hotel room, for example. This used to be common practice, but it’s no longer the case as hotels look to save in every way they can. When it does happen, though, it’s a pleasant surprise.

The same goes for assisted living facility amenities.

Sure, there are well-known amenities common to most nursing homes, like common areas and comfortably designed apartments. But there are also little-known amenities at assisted living facilities that you’ll only find at places like The Glen. Here are six of them.

  1. Life Enrichment Program

The best assisted living facilities provide more than just a place to live—they enrich your life. If you or your loved one is interested in assisted living, that means there is likely some assistance needed with daily living, but that doesn’t mean every day should be a struggle or a bore. With a life enrichment program, you can play a game, attend a worship service or take a trip around the city. At The Glen, we even have a full-time Life Enrichment Director who coordinates a variety of scheduled activities to brighten residents’ days.

  1. Library with Computers

Reading is one of the finer joys in life—a fact many of us only appreciate when we slow down and take the time to do it. An amenity related to reading that may surprise you is a library. At The Glen, our Harrell Library is equipped with computer and Internet services, meaning information and entertainment are always at your disposal.

  1. Upscale Dining Venues

Mediocre food? Nobody has time for that. You can enjoy your favorite foods and dine the way you want at The Glen, where we have several dining venues at your disposal. Want to eat in the privacy of your apartment? Or do you prefer some fancier food in an elegant environment? The best assisted living facilities will have amenities related to dining flexibility and more.

  1. Guest Apartment

If you have friends or family visiting from out of town, another surprising perk that you may enjoy is a guest apartment. At Stiles Assisted Living at The Glen, our guest apartments are available for visitors, whether it’s a single night, a week or longer.

  1. Beauty and Gift Shops

Get some retail therapy without ever leaving your community when you have access to beauty and gift shops. Go out with some of the new friends you’ve made at your assisted living facility and get your shopping or beauty fix. At The Glen, our on-campus beauty and gift shops are extremely popular with residents.

  1. Private Mail Boxes and Patios

Even those of us living in assisted living facilities appreciate privacy from time to time. You might not expect privacy at a nursing home or similar facility, but it’s a priority at The Glen to provide comfort to our residents in whatever way they most desire. That’s why you’ll enjoy private mail boxes, private patios and other secluded areas to enjoy the solitude.

If you’re considering an assisted living facility, you can learn more about the amenities offered at The Glen when you schedule a tour with us today.

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