7 Unexpected Activities in Assisted Living Communities

7 Unexpected Activities in Assisted Living Communities

There are plenty of benefits to choosing an assisted living lifestyle, including chef-prepared meals in the dining room, new neighbors to get to know and around-the-clock caregiver support. However, for many residents, it’s the events, programs, and other opportunities available right down the hall that make life more vibrant, engaging and fun. 

We want to highlight some assisted living programs and events that might surprise you with these seven unexpected activities in assisted living communities.

Ice Cream Socials

Residents in assisted living communities can often enjoy ice cream social events on their community’s calendar. These lively groups often feature a favorite performer and plenty of good conversation between neighbors.

Guest Speakers

It’s never too late to stop learning, and it’s common to see visitors from all kinds of different fields and backgrounds popping in to speak and educate residents with their presentations. Health, nutrition, and history are just some of the interesting topics that have been covered by guest speakers visiting The Stiles Apartments recently. 

Bean Bag Baseball and Other Sports

You might not think of sporting events when you think of assisted living, but communities find ways to get residents active and competitive. At The Stiles Apartments, you can find residents gathering multiple times a week to compete in friendly games of Bean Bag Baseball. In addition, Stiles residents have the opportunity to play Wii Bowling every Friday.


Learning about other cultures and landmarks around the world is an excellent way to keep up with new learning. Assisted living communities often feature Armchair Traveler travelogues, where residents can learn about other cultures as well as see photos and videos from places around the world.

Movie Showings

You don’t necessarily have to leave your community for a showtime with friends. At many assisted living communities, you can have the opportunity to view different films in a group setting, whether it’s an old favorite or something you’ve never seen before! At The Stiles Apartments you’ll also get to enjoy some popcorn during the movie.

Drum Circles

If you want something unique to incorporate into your fitness routine, a drum class could be the perfect answer. Classes utilizing drumming techniques are  quite popular in senior living communities, offering residents the chance to work on fine motor skills, coordination, balance and more, all while having a lot of fun. Catch any of our drum exercise classes with Jessi here at Stiles Assisted Living on Wednesday mornings. Beginners are always welcome and we will cheer you on as you try something new.

Resident Suggested Programs

Perhaps the best part of assisted living programs and events is that they are created based on what residents want, what residents are interested in and what residents suggest. Calendars from a few years ago aren’t going to be the same as the calendars offered today because residents have made new suggestions. We love learning from our residents and involving them in the calendar creation process, so be sure to give us your suggestions.

At The Glen, our event calendar changes monthly. Be sure to take advantage of any of our programs. You’ll have fun trying something new, learning something new or meeting a new friend along the way.

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