What to Look For in Senior Community Apartments

What To Look For in Senior Community Apartments

Today, residents in retirement communities have their choice of floor plans. Their homes are spacious and often feature new appliances, modern finishes, and lots of natural light. As you begin to search for senior community apartments, you can make the decision making process even easier on yourself if you know what to look for, and what to rule out immediately.

Here are some aspects to consider and questions to ask as you begin to narrow down senior community apartments in order to find one you’ll love for years to come.


Just as with any real estate purchase, begin narrowing down your choices by location. Not only do you want to find senior community apartments near your desired city or neighborhood, you also want to consider the location of the apartment or home within the retirement community.

For example, you might want to choose an apartment that is near the elevator if you have mobility challenges. You might like an apartment on the top floor so that you can enjoy a great view. It’s your call.

Square Footage

While most residents in retirement communities downsize – or rightsize – possessions when they move, it doesn’t mean that you have to find a way to live in a few hundred square feet. Today’s senior community apartments typically come with a few different floor plan options for residents, some with a lot of square footage to call home.

Remember, you don’t want a home that has too much space for you to maintain. But, you also want enough space to live your life and entertain guests. It’s also important to note that once you move to a retirement community, the community shared spaces become yours to enjoy as well. So, you might not need as much square footage as you thought once you realize you can entertain guests in the private dining room, meet friends in the dining venue on campus, or grab a new book in the community’s library.

Outdoor Space

Senior community apartment designs today include lots of natural light. However, you might want more than just many windows in your new home. If you enjoy container gardening or sipping coffee outside, ensure you find an apartment home with outdoor space like a patio or balcony.

You’ll also want to be able to get a breath of fresh air in your new community. Choose a community with walking paths and shared outdoor spaces like gazebos or terraces.

Kitchen Preferences

An updated kitchen is nice to have, but you’ll want to look for a senior community apartment that meets your needs. For example, if you love to cook and don’t plan on using the retirement community’s dining venue’s daily, be sure your kitchen includes the basics. If you’re ready to eliminate meal preparation from your daily task list and plan to eat in the community’s restaurants regularly, you might be fine with a smaller kitchen or even a kitchenette.

Amenities and Services

Finally, when you move to a retirement community, you get more than just your new home. You get access to amenities and services that support an active and vibrant lifestyle. Retirement communities often offer amenities and services that include:

  • Flexible dining plans
  • Onsite chapel
  • Group fitness classes, swimming pool, and fitness center
  • Walking trails and shared outdoor spaces
  • Covered parking
  • Security and emergency response
  • Access to additional assistance if needed

As you search through senior community apartments and tour potential retirement communities, remember to keep services, amenities, and shared spaces in your mind as you make your decision.

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