How Assisted Living in Louisiana Benefits Your Mental Health

How Assisted Living in Louisiana Benefits Your Mental Health

Retirement communities offer a specific lifestyle to residents, including amenities and services that support health and wellness. Thanks to its around-the-clock caregiving staff and personalized care plans, assisted living offers even more support to residents as they meet their health goals and strive to feel their best. However, life in assisted living can benefit more than just your physical health. The right assisted living in Louisiana can boost your mental health as well, contributing to a more holistic approach to wellness in the senior years.

Mental Health and Older Adults

While physicians have always paid close attention to the physical health of older adults, mental health of the same population wasn’t always scrutinized as much. Fortunately, that has changed. More awareness and early diagnosis has given physicians the jump on chronic mental health conditions. Further, the stigma of mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety, have decreased which can help more seniors get the treatment they need. 

In addition to medications and talk therapy, physicians are also recommending research-driven interventions to their older adult patients who are struggling with their mental health. One of the most important interventions? Meaningful and consistent social connections with peers.

How Assisted Living in Louisiana Boosts Mental Health

This is where retirement communities, specifically assisted living communities, come in. These cozy communities encourage positive mental health habits, often without the residents even realizing it.

Here are just a few excellent interventions that are happening in assisted living throughout Louisiana:

More Socialization

Living among welcoming neighbors and friends can enhance socialization opportunities, especially when compared to opportunities available for an older adult living at home alone. Residents can form friendships while sharing a meal in the dining room, participating in an event at the community, or just meeting up in the community library to talk about their favorite books.

More Peace of Mind

Older adults living at home alone can become anxious because no one is around in case of an emergency or fall. Assisted living communities in Louisiana feature around-the-clock caregivers, meaning someone is always there to lend a helping hand or be there in case of an emergency. Knowing this can quickly decrease anxiety and worry for the resident and their family members.

Frequent Check-Ins

Seniors who live at home alone might go days before they connect in person with a family member, friend, or neighbor. This isolation has been linked to drastic increases in mental illnesses including depression and anxiety. At assisted living communities, residents are connecting with neighbors and staff members multiple times throughout the day.

Mastering Skills

Finally, assisted living communities in Louisiana can boost self-esteem and feelings of empowerment. Residents are offered a calendar full of events and activities they can participate in daily. When they try something new, master a skill, or teach someone else something they know, residents feel more confident, empowered, and good about themselves.

Next Steps

Choosing assisted living in Louisiana can not only improve your physical health, but it can support your mental health as well. Talk to your physician and your family to determine if assisted living is your next right step. Learn more about what to expect from an assisted living community like Stiles Assisted Living here.

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