Observations to Make When Touring Assisted Living in Louisiana

Observations to Make When Touring Assisted Living in Louisiana

When you begin searching for assisted living in Louisiana, you might wonder how you can determine if a community is right for you or your loved one just by looking at the community via a quick internet search and community tour. The key to making a confident decision is knowing what questions to ask and what observations to make during that community visit. If you know what to look for, you will be able to determine if residents are cared for, engaged, and happy in their home.

Introduction to Key Staff Members

When you take a community tour of assisted living in Louisiana, you should meet key team members along the way. As you meet the leadership team and caregivers, observe if they are friendly, welcoming and make you feel comfortable. They should be available to answer any questions you might have as well.

Resident-to-Resident Interactions

Be sure to observe residents during your time at the community as well. Are residents chatting with one another in the hallways or in shared community spaces? Do they seem like they know one another? Are they friendly and helpful with one another? You want to choose a community where residents are friendly and support one another, and you can often observe this during your tour.

Resident and Staff Interactions

The residents and team members should also be actively interacting with one another. Are caregivers smiling and chatting with residents? Do the caregiving team members seem like they really know, and genuinely care for, the residents they are serving? The caregiver interactions are important, but also observe other team members interacting with residents. This can give you a glimpse into what the community culture is regarding meaningful relationships between team members and residents.

Meals and Dining Experiences

The dining rooms at an assisted living community are important spaces for a variety of reasons. First, observe the menu offerings for all three meals of the day. Do the meals seem delicious and comforting? Next, observe a meal in progress if possible. Determine if the food looks and smells appetizing, how the residents are interacting with one another around the table, and if the dining experience seems enjoyable.

Events and Programs

Assisted living communities offer a variety of events, programs, and trips for residents to participate in. While you are on a tour, ask to see a copy of the resident’s program calendar for the month. See if there are programs offered every day and if the events seem interesting. When possible, observe a program or event in action to see if residents are engaged and if it looks fun.

How the Residents Look

You can determine how residents are cared for by observing how residents look while you are on your tour. If residents look happy and healthy, it is a good sign that resident care is a top priority in the community.

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