National Nurses Week: Respect

The Glen is celebrating #NationalNursesWeek by recognizing the attributes that have enabled nurses at The Glen to go above and beyond in their jobs!

Characteristics such as respect, empathy, compassion, persistence, flexibility and creativity are just some of the amazing qualities that elevate the impact made by nurses who work at The Glen.

Each day, we’ll share a story about nurses who have displayed one of these traits during their time at The Glen.


Respect for each resident is a vital attribute that nurses at The Glen display in how they interact and care for individuals.

One resident with memory loss was hesitant to be cared for until they were calmed by a nurse who came in and sat down and approached the resident with ease. The nurse told jokes to the resident and they laughed together, helping alleviate any stress the resident carried with her.

The nurse assisted certified nursing assistants who were working with the resident, then continued chatting as she helped the resident prepare for the day.

The nurse respected the fact that the resident just needed extra time, patience, and attention before she could feel at ease and be cared for. These are the kind of nurses The Glen has on staff to provide direct care to residents.

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