National Nurses Week: Empathy

The Glen is celebrating #NationalNursesWeek by recognizing the attributes that have enabled nurses at The Glen to go above and beyond in their jobs!

Characteristics such as respect, empathy, compassion, persistence, flexibility and creativity are just some of the amazing qualities that elevate the impact made by nurses who work at The Glen.

Each day, we’ll share a story about nurses who have displayed one of these traits during their time at The Glen.

Day Three: EMPATHY

Just like those around the world, residents in retirement communities have had their daily routines impacted by the precautions needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

One such routine is that of getting their hair done in the salon on The Glen’s campus, which is unable to take place at this time due to safety measures first enacted in March.

A nurse in the Stiles Apartments recognized that many of the residents were missing that service, so she took the time to style and curl a resident’s hair. This act spurred by empathy made the resident feel so good and so happy, she talked about it for days afterward.

Staying attuned to the needs and wants and feelings of residents, to help them in different ways, gives The Glen’s nurses an opportunity to go beyond the written duties of their job and truly touch the hearts of residents.

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