National Nurses Week: Compassion

The Glen is celebrating #NationalNursesWeek by recognizing the attributes that have enabled nurses at The Glen to go above and beyond in their jobs!

Characteristics such as respect, empathy, compassion, persistence, flexibility and creativity are just some of the amazing qualities that elevate the impact made by nurses who work at The Glen.

Each day, we’ll share a story about nurses who have displayed one of these traits during their time at The Glen.


Residents come to The Glen with a variety of different needs, and it takes special consideration and care to fully serve each person as an individual.

A nurse knew a particular resident needed extra reassurance during a transition into a higher level of care, so she took time to visit with the resident and hold her hand, telling her that things were okay and that she was in a good place.

The nurse always paid special attention to the residents and always listened to them, showing each of them the respect and compassion needed to truly connect with them. These are the type of nurses we hire at The Glen.