Meeting New Friends in a Senior Community

Meeting New Friends in a Senior Community

One of the perks of living in a retirement community is the chance to get to know the other residents who live there. If you are in the process of choosing a community, or if you have already chosen one, now is the time to begin to feel excited for all the social opportunities that are to come.

However, along with all that excitement can come a bit of anxiety about meeting new people. Residents can sometimes move in feeling worried about making new friends. The good news is that meeting new friends in a senior community is easier than you might think thanks to welcoming neighbors and many social events happening daily around campus. 

We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite tips for getting connected with neighbors during your first few days, weeks and months at your new home.

Smile and Say Hello

It might sound too easy to be true but making a point to smile and say hello to neighbors you pass can start the path to friendship. 

Attend Events

A wonderful way to connect with new neighbors is to do so over a shared experience. Attend events or programs that sound interesting to you, striking up a conversation with the people sitting near you.

Take Advantage of Any New Resident Programs

Some senior communities have new resident socials or gatherings where new residents can get together, chat and be introduced to key team members in the community. Some communities also have a special new resident welcome program where established residents give tours, offer a helping hand or save a seat at dinner for new residents.

Go to Meals

The dining room of a senior living community is a hub of activity, hustling and bustling three times a day. It’s the place to meet new people, so be sure to attend meals! You’ll enjoy a delicious dish and meet a few new people at each seating.

Use Community Spaces

Try reading your newspaper or having your afternoon cup of coffee in one of the shared community spaces instead of your apartment. You’re more likely to have the opportunity to meet someone new and start a conversation in the library or living room.

Ask Questions

Don’t be timid about asking questions about community events, meals or policies to other residents. Established residents are often very friendly and welcoming, and they are sure to have the best answer for you!

Ask for Advice

Finally, if you are struggling with connecting with new neighbors, talk to a community team member about it. Staff members are likely to know just the resident who would be a good friendship match with you, but they can’t make that introduction if they don’t know you are feeling lonely. 

Get Social at The Glen

Here at The Glen, we love seeing residents connect with neighbors when they move in and watching their friendships grow over time. If you are looking for a welcoming and social senior community, The Glen has so much to offer. Schedule a tour or a time when you can attend one of our upcoming programs so that you can get to know our residents.

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