Empathy and Geriatric Care

Empathy and Geriatric Care

There are physical elements associated with caring for the elderly. (Cleanliness, diets, accommodations and entertainment are all examples.) But there is also the emotional and physical side of things. To truly live an enriched life, we need loving care as we age.

That’s why the most important element when it comes to geriatric care isn’t medicine or amenities—it’s empathy! Having someone around who truly cares about you and your well-being is crucial. Let’s cover what empathy at nursing homes looks like and how we prioritize empathy at The Glen.

Why Empathy Is Important

Empathy is important because, for starters, fewer and fewer of us are able to master this skill. According to a meta-analysis of US citizen empathy test scores conducted over the past 30 years, the “average American today is less empathic than 75% of Americans 30 years ago.” That means an increased feeling of loneliness, especially for an older population that has seen an increasing percentage of friends and family pass away. Whether living at home or at a geriatric care facility, empathy is important for mental health. 

Benefits of Empathy

Empathy doesn’t just make geriatric care residents feel less alone, however. There are several other benefits when a retirement community puts a heavy focus on empathy and makes it a priority for staff members. Here are some of the benefits when it comes to empathy and geriatric care:

  • Happier patients and increased satisfaction with daily living
  • More effective and clear communication
  • Peace of mind for friends and family members
  • More compliance and willingness from patients
  • Higher likelihood of successful medical outcomes
  • Better ability to handle stressors and traumatic events
Empathy at The Glen

We believe that empathy is important and we like for all of our residents to experience empathy from our caring and friendly staff members. Empathy is definitely a soft skill we consider in the hiring process and our training and policies reflect our dedication to loving care. Some examples of empathy in action at The Glen include our life enrichment program, medication assistance, bedtime snacks, diet help and more. Whatever makes the resident feel more comfortable and at home, we pursue.

If you’d like to see how empathy and geriatric care go together at The Glen, schedule a tour of our senior living community today.

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