Cleanliness and Retirement Communities

Cleanliness and Retirement Communities

When it comes to restrooms, hotels or restaurants, one of the first things people tend to notice is cleanliness. Several studies show the powerful psychology behind cleanliness and, the fact is, cleanliness is important for all of us, regardless of our age. 

As such, it’s crucial that the community you’re considering is clean, from the rooms to common areas. Let’s discuss why cleanliness is important and how we manage to maintain high standards at The Glen.

Why cleanliness is important

Maintaining our health is the biggest reason why cleanliness is important. Bacteria and pathogens thrive in dirty environments and can lead to sickness and disease. We know this subconsciously, which is why most of us are uncomfortable in unclean environments. 

Another reason cleanliness is important is image and perception. When things are dirty, they look worn, and on the other hand, when things are clean, they look fresh and inviting. 

Benefits of Cleanliness

Preventing sickness isn’t the only benefit of cleanliness, however. It’s especially advantageous for places like retirement communities. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a clean environment at a retirement community:

  • Less stress: there’s no nagging desire to clean or organize.
  • Reduced allergies: due to fewer allergens in the air.
  • More safety: if there are no spills or objects in the way.
  • Lower risk: of bacteria, disease and illness.
  • Fewer pests: like insects or rodents, who may be attracted to dirt and food.
  • Better health: specifically due to a better diet, as a result of less stress.

Cleanliness is also extremely beneficial and lends more peace of mind during a pandemic, as we’ve seen during COVID-19.

Cleanliness at The Glen

At The Glen, we make cleanliness and maintaining a comfortable environment one of our top priorities. We provide ongoing environmental sanitation with EPA-approved disinfectants and have a rigid cleaning schedule for rooms, apartments, our common areas and our grounds. Residents receiving assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing services can especially benefit from regular cleanings by our skilled staff members. We also handle all requests in a timely manner and focus on being thorough with sanitation efforts.

If you’re interested in visiting The Glen to see how we make cleanliness a priority, be sure to contact us for a tour.

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