Why You Might Need a Skilled Nursing Facility in Shreveport

When it comes to retirement living, there are a variety of solutions available, each one designed to serve residents with specific needs or challenges. While you might not need skilled nursing in Shreveport now, it is wise to learn more about this clinical care solution because it is quite versatile. 

Skilled nursing is the most clinical of all the living options available. With nursing staff and certified nursing assistants available around the clock, skilled nursing serves residents with complex needs. However, not all residents come to skilled nursing with the same conditions or challenges. Here are a few reasons why you might need a skilled nursing facility in Shreveport.

To Support Recovery After a Procedure

If you have a scheduled knee or hip replacement, you want to ensure you return home feeling strong so that you can recover confidently. For many older adults, going straight home after a hospital stay is not ideal and can even lead to something called “hospital rebound,” which is when an older adult returns to the hospital within 30 days of returning home.

Skilled nursing is the perfect in-between spot to rest and recover before heading home. Skilled nursing services include on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy which means you can have more therapy sessions each day, maximizing your range of motion, strength and endurance before you return home.

To Provide Rest After a Long Hospital Stay

Not all hospital stays include an elective surgery or procedure. You might find yourself looking for a skilled nursing facility in Shreveport as a part of your healthy discharge plans after a long hospital stay due to infection or illness. Staying at a hospital for many days or weeks can quickly decondition your body, making returning home successfully a bit unrealistic even with the best family support.

At a skilled nursing community, you can receive extra rest, assistance and support as you continue to rebuild your strength. Nurses are there to help with medication management as well as pain control, and therapists are there to ensure you are getting back to yourself as quickly – and as safely – as possible.

Long-Term Care for Complex Conditions

Finally, skilled nursing can provide long-term care for residents who need clinical and complex care for medical conditions that other levels of care simply cannot handle. Thanks to more oversight from experienced nurses, certified nursing assistants and other trained team members, residents in skilled nursing can receive the support they need to feel their best.

Life at Village Health Care

At The Glen, our Village Health Care skilled nursing community provides professional care in a comfortable and nurturing environment. Here, we focus on resident-centered care that emphasizes choice, dignity, and purposeful living.

Whether you need short or long-term skilled nursing care, Village Health Care is here for you.

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