No More Nursing Home - Redefining Skilled Care at The Glen

No More Nursing Home: Redefining Health Care at The Glen

When you hear the term nursing home, what do you think of? For many adult children of seniors, they think that a nursing home is a word used to describe any senior living building or campus. For some, the term nursing home may evoke an outdated vision of a senior living environment, clinical and hospital-like without much personalization or hospitality.

Fortunately, senior living communities are nothing like the nursing homes of the past. In fact, the term nursing home is not even used anymore in the field. Instead, the most acute care is offered in skilled nursing facilities, or health care centers, in homelike environments with personalized touches that are nothing like the sterile environments of just a decade ago. Let’s learn more about what health care looks like today at The Glen.

From Nursing Home to Health Care Center

It’s important to begin with the words we use to describe senior living. Skilled nursing facilities are no longer nursing homes, but are instead communities that are designed to provide acute nursing care in an environment that still feels like home. When we eliminate nursing home from our vocabulary, we are able to also eliminate old stereotypes.

Village Health Care at The Glen is definitely not a nursing home. Our residents, whether staying short-term for rehabilitation and recovery or long-term for more complex needs, live in an environment that is beautiful and is connected to the greater community at The Glen.

Exceptional Clinical Care

Skilled nursing communities feature around-the-clock nursing staff who are there to support residents who need complex interventions. Here, our clinical team works to provide healthcare services like wound management, pain management, IV therapy and other skilled nursing services. However, our clinical interventions do not stop there.

Residents also have access to a variety of senior care professionals including registered dieticians, licensed pharmacy consultants, social services staff and a nursing director. This interdisciplinary clinical team helps to support every resident and personalize interventions to help them meet their own health and wellness goals.

Onsite Therapy

Skilled nursing facilities are often known as rehabilitation facilities, where adults can receive inpatient therapy after a hospital stay or procedure before returning home. The Village Health Care features an on-site therapy team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and their assistants who provide residents with inpatient sessions to prepare them for returning home safely and confidently. 

Dining, Life Enrichment, and Hospitality

Finally, Village Health Care knows that quality of life means just as much as clinical interventions and inpatient therapy sessions. Our team of professionals works diligently to give residents all of the high-quality services and amenities that our retirement community is known for. 

Residents enjoy delicious and nutritious meals to support their health as well as a vibrant event calendar full of daily programs. Our team is there to assist with housekeeping, laundry and other services that provide a maintenance-free lifestyle.

We aren’t the nursing home you think of from decades ago. Village Health Care focuses on resident independence, choice, dignity and purposeful living. We’re redefining what it means to provide skilled nursing care in a resident-centered setting.

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