National Nurses Week: Flexibility

National Nurses Week: Flexibility

The Glen is celebrating #NationalNursesWeek by recognizing the attributes that have enabled nurses at The Glen to go above and beyond in their jobs!

Characteristics such as respect, empathy, compassion, persistence, flexibility and creativity are just some of the amazing qualities that elevate the impact made by nurses who work at The Glen.

Each day, we’ll share a story about nurses who have displayed one of these traits during their time at The Glen.


A nurse’s ability to contribute to an evolving community is key to The Glen’s success.

Beginning in 2006, The Glen was one of the first retirement communities in the area to transition from a medical model to a household model. This process involved a complete culture change, executing a physical redesign of the areas where residents live to have a more homelike environment, as well as emphasizing “person first” values and the relationship between caregivers and residents.

Person first values involve a team approach to create a meaningful life for the resident, considering each individual person’s habits, routines, and practices when providing care, and encouraging the caregiver to really get to know the resident. The dignity, decisions and emotions of residents are of the utmost priority.

The staff, residents, and families worked together to create purpose and meaning within the community, focusing on creating a high-quality daily life for the residents. Through this endeavor, caregivers consider all behaviors when communicating with the resident, provide for the spirit of the person as well as the body and mind, and begin their decision-making with the person put first in mind.

Many of our nurses went above and beyond to make sure this transition was a success, displaying excitement for what was needed to accomplish The Glen’s mission. One nurse in particular is remembered for how he enthusiastically embraced the person first concepts, leading by example with attitude and action.

Being flexible when presented with new ideas, helping others succeed along with you, is a valuable characteristic of nurses at The Glen.

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