Life at a Nursing Home A Residents Perspective

Life at a Nursing Home: A Resident’s Perspective

You can only learn so much about a retirement community by visiting the website and looking at photos. What is life really like at a retirement community? Here’s an inside look at what people say about The Glen. 

Jane P.

“My favorite thing about The Glen is the staff. The staff is top notch. The food is excellent and the activities make me happy. I love it here. It is a blessing.”

Veda W.

“My mother is very happy at The Glen. She is able to enjoy many of the activities offered, and she loves the food. While knowing that each resident has different physical and mental capabilities, my mom doesn’t require a great deal of help with her day to day activities. She does ask for help when she needs it, though, and the staff provides the care she needs. Our family is pleased with our Glen experience, and my mom constantly recommends it to her friends and family members.”

Megan P.

The Glen staff are wonderful, as well as the management team. They are constantly looking for new ways to stimulate and improve the quality of life for their residents. I would feel 100% comfortable with any of my loved ones being cared for at this facility!”


“This is the most remarkable place that I have ever been in. My sister and I toured several places in this area. The staff is amazing, the place was spotless, the lunch that was cooking smelled wonderful. The residents were all happy and you could tell was well taken care of. I put my mother here when her memory made it unsafe for her to live by herself any longer. This was a decision that my sister and I had a very hard time with. But the director was great and she made us feel much better. Every time that I visited I was just amazed at the compassion and love the staff clearly had not just for my mother but all the residents. They had some really fun activities and they could get my mother to do so much more than she had done in years and she was so much happier there than she had been in such a long time. We were also given the directors personal cell to call anytime even if we were just needing to talk.”

Brittany M.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work for The Glen as well as have a loved one live there. The Glen is a place that strives to give quality care to their residents with dignity and respect they deserve.”

We take great pride in these testimonials and strive to ensure all of our residents have a similar experience at The Glen. If you’d like to experience life at The Glen, schedule a tour today.

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