Choosing a retirement community in Shreveport

5 things you need to know about moving into a Life Plan Community

A Life Plan Community (also known as a CCRC – Continuing Care Retirement Community) is retirement community with multiple levels of care within a single location. And did you know there is one located in Shreveport, Louisiana?

The Glen is one of only two others located in our community. So many benefits await those who choose to move into a Life Plan Community like The Glen.

Here are just a few benefits of choosing a Life Plan Community and moving through a continuum of care like you would at The Glen:

  • One move to one campus: The Glen offers every level of care – independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care – all on one campus. When your needs change, you won’t have to worry about moving to a completely different location off campus – you can simply transition through the levels of care available at the same address.
  • Peace of mind: Living at a Life Plan Community can help provide peace of mind for residents and their family members because of the health and wellness services readily available to residents at the community. Living at The Glen, where compassionate staff and friendly neighbors form a supportive community, give residents the opportunity to lead a more active life – without the worry.
  • Improved wellness for the body and mind: According to the 2019 Age Well Study, respondents reported their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional wellness have improved in varying measures since moving to a Life Plan Community. The Glen caters to each area of wellness with the various services and amenities provided – these include the CATS: Culture, Arts, Science and Technology series, performing arts presentations, exercise classes, services available in the Chapel and wellness amenities that will be available when Redbrook at The Glen opens in 2021. (Source)
  • More social activities that are easily accessible: Respondents to the 2019 Age Well Study noted that their social wellness improved since moving to a Life Plan Community, which is a very important aspect of life in a place such as The Glen. A calendar of events is distributed at the beginning of each month to give residents the option to participate in a wide variety of activities and interact with their friends and neighbors – these include, but are not limited to, card games, Bingo, Bean Bag Baseball, church services, movies, and more. According to the Elder Care Alliance, research has found that social support can play a significant role in overall health as people age. (Source)
  • Aging well: Life Plan Community residents have more favorable average scores on all measures of physical, social, and intellectual wellness compared to older adults in the general community, according to the 2019 Age Well Study. “Findings from the 2019 Age Well study suggest Life Plan Community residents are, as a whole, aging very well,” the study reports. (Source)

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