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Love your next apartment: Top 10 reasons why The Stiles is the best choice for you

The Glen offers every level of care in Shreveport, Louisiana, but have you considered why The Stiles Apartments could the best option for you or your loved one looking for care?

In no particular order, here is a list of our top 10 reasons to move to The Glen Stiles Apartments:

1. The Residents

It’s true that Shreveport is made up of many who were born and grow up in the city, and many choose to put roots down and have a family in Shreveport. If this is you, as it turns out, moving into The Glen allows for many Shreveport natives to reconnect to former classmates, neighbors, church members, friends and even long-lost family members.
Not from Shreveport? No problem; the type of residents who tend to choose The Glen are often very warm and welcoming.

For newbies, The Stiles Apartments (which offers both independent living and assisting living) is comprised of neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has an ambassador. The specific job of this ambassador is to meet with each of the neighbors in their neighborhood and help them to feel welcome by introducing them to other residents, inviting them to activities and helping them to become familiar with The Glen as a community.

2. The Staff Members

If you get the chance to run into The Glen’s HR director, ask her what qualities she looks for when interviewing to fill a position. Care, compassion and concern make up the qualities of each of the staff members who work at The Glen. The Glen prides itself on finding not only the best person for the job but those who go beyond their job and connect with the residents. Connecting is very important. Though it is our mission to serve, we look for people who often see this line of work as their calling.

Living at The Stiles, residents interact with many staff members. From the Community Life Coordinator to the culinary team and housekeepers, everyone is eager to meet with the residents and help them feel comfortable in their new home. In fact, staff members take the time to speak with you and get to know you. It’s important for residents to feel connected to the staff in the community that they choose to move into.

3. The Natural Light within the Building

If you haven’t toured The Glen, be sure to make arrangements to see our community located at 403 East Flournoy Lucas Road. One of the best design elements throughout The Stiles Apartments is the natural light that pours into the building as you move through the hallways. It’s a great mood booster, and it also allows The Stiles residents some of the best views of our campus. Plus, from time to time you can spot the Blue Heron who visits The Glen.

4. The Activities

Moving into a retirement community means more opportunity. Fill your social schedule and spend the first few days in your new apartment at The Stiles finding out the best activities that might interest you. Our top recommendations are Bean Bag Baseball, the card game Hand and Foot, and Movers and Shakers (an exercise group).

Want to have an activity that isn’t on the calendar? Meet with the Community Life Coordinator at The Stiles and plan something with us. The benefit of living at a community that listens to your voice is that you matter.

5. The Open Spaces

Moving into The Stiles does not mean you have limited space or that your space is just inside your apartment. Once you move in, you gain limitless space around The Glen. The Stiles Apartments feature some of the best rooms and spaces at The Glen for you to spend your time.

Over nine different locations around The Stiles provide the best spots to enjoy the company of your neighbors, meet up with friends for some coffee or get cozy to read a book. Tour The Glen to see some of these spaces for yourself.

6. The Food

One legendary menu item on the “anytime menu” at The Glen is the chicken salad. Residents and even staff members know how delicious it is, and many residents request it because of the flavor and unique recipe. Discover other options on our menu by requesting a sample menu.

Some of the residents’ favorites are the fried catfish and salmon with mango lime rice, but a must-try is the millionaire pie. This special dessert item made it on our menu after a former director shared her family recipe with us. Curious about the food? Schedule a tour and let us treat you to a meal!

7. The Landscape

Over 30 years ago The Glen moved to its current home on East Flournoy Lucas. While the area surrounding The Glen has grown with both businesses and conveniently located shopping, our community takes a special pride in the landscape that has served us so well throughout the years. Many residents choose The Glen because of the picturesque grounds and manicured beds on over 50 acres. The Stiles houses some of the best views and locations. Grandmother’s Garden is located in the heart of The Stiles and serves as a great spot to view the serene outdoors on a cool day. Enjoy a cold sweet tea while sitting on a porch, listening to the water move through a fountain in Grandmother’s Garden.

Also, on our campus we have a kennel that houses our pet therapy animals. Take a stroll past and often times you can see the pups out wagging their tails eager to see you as their neighbor.

8. The Continuum

After living in your home for nearly your whole adult life, a move can be a lot of work. But if you need to find a place for care or if you just seek out a more appealing, social lifestyle without stress, The Stiles offers the perfect solution. Move only once to The Glen and you can transition through each of the levels of care depending on your needs. With lifestyle options such as independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care, the benefits of choosing a Life Plan Community are endless.

Retirement Pro tip: Moving into a community early allows you to benefit exponentially from the retirement community lifestyle. The Stiles Apartments is the starting point which offers BOTH independent and assisted living options.

9. The History

Being in the community for over 120 years means more to us than just having a location – our history is the strong foundation that supports The Glen. It started with a dream to care for an older woman and grew into what we offer today – from one resident to more than 250. The Glen has not only an amazing origin story, but a continued timeline of how the organization’s resilience made it through natural disasters, a depression, recession and is now taking on a pandemic. Wouldn’t you like to live in a community that can withstand obstacles and still maintain stability?

10. The Mission

If you’ve lived in Shreveport, chances are you’ve heard about The Glen, but what you might not be aware of is our mission:

“To enrich the lives of older people through housing, health care and services. This mission is accomplished by dedicated community volunteers and compassionate professionals with commitment, vision and leadership.”

Consider this our “why” and “how” – everything we do is to serve the older population in our community. The Glen is unique in that we have an all local board of directors who provide oversight to operations and management. We are also a non-profit – not part of a corporation. This means that The Glen is here to serve the residents.

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