Assisted Living vs. Independent Living (2)

Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

“Assisted living” and “independent living” are two different living options offered at Life Plan Communities. But, they offer different benefits. Let’s compare assisted living to independent living and discuss your options when looking for a community.

Difference #1: Support

Assisted living is a level of care for people who require assistance with tasks of daily living. Independent living, on the other hand, is a lifestyle for people who want more independence. As such, residents in assisted living facilities receive support throughout their day (e.g. with meals, housekeeping, medication, etc.). Residents in independent living can choose support if they want, while maintaining a convenient, independent lifestyle. 

Difference #2: Medical Care

Assisted living provides extra daily support, with medical care as needed. Individuals in assisted living are often dealing with health issues and therefore receive nursing assistance and medical support. For those who feel comfortable living alone and don’t have any lifestyle-altering medical conditions, independent living is another option.

Difference #3: Services and Amenities

In both assisted living and independent living, there is access to a variety of amenities. The main difference might be the proximity to amenities, as often assisted living residents may need to be closer in proximity to them. But overall, both provide extra convenience and comfort to everyday living. 

  • (Coming Summer 2021) Wellness center, strength training room, yoga/fitness studio, pool, Bocce courts, al fresco dining, social/activity rooms, spa, salon.
  • On-campus gift shop, onsite rehabilitation/skilled care, private mail boxes, courtesy officers, emergency call system, automatic smoke detectors and more.

Whether you’re interested in assisted living or independent living, you’ll find both offered at The Glen. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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