Assisted Living in Shreveport 5 of Our Favorite Reviews

Assisted Living in Shreveport: 5 of Our Favorite Reviews

They say the customer is always right. Not because the customer actually is always right, but because they are the customer and they control a business’ bottom line. Similarly, the resident is always right when it comes to senior living centers. To succeed, these facilities must keep resident opinions, experiences and desires top of mind. 

This is especially true when it comes to assisted living facilities in Shreveport. The resident’s perspective is supremely helpful, and just as important are the perspectives of staff members and friends or family of residents who know them well. In honor of this, here are five of our favorite reviews for The Glen, the best assisted living facility in Shreveport:

  1. Stephanie A., Former Staff Member (

“I worked at the Glen part time for about a year, it was such a nice place that I came  on board full-time. I have since recruited  several others to come and work in an environment that goes over and beyond to make the painful process of aging a pleasant one. The building is clean, food is served hot and fresh with a variety of choices.Even as a staff member they treat you with respect! For long term care needs for my loved one, this would be the first choice!! Wonderful place.”

  1. Jackie’sDaughter, Family Member (

“My mother has been in Wheless Foundation Cottage since 2011. She was not an easy person for many of those years, but the staff was and is patient and understanding with her. When she was living on her own, she was literally starving, as she wouldn’t remember to eat. She has gained weight at The Cottages and now looks quite healthy, with color in her cheeks. After she was persuaded to get her hair done at the little beauty shop there, she always looks well put together. I should note that the staff is able to get her to do things — such as getting her hair done — that I couldn’t… It’s a huge relief to me to know that she is in such excellent hands.”

  1. Jane P., Resident (

“My favorite thing about The Glen is the staff—the staff are top notch. The food is excellent and the activities make me happy. I love it here—it is a blessing.”

  1. AmyH1, Family Member (

“The Glen retirement home/ assisted living facility is one of the nicest of its kind in Shreveport, LA. When I would enter the premises, I always felt safe and secure, for myself and for my loved one. The front entryway always has people enjoying the outside and feeding the ducks, and it is always nice to be greeted by them. The amenities that the patients or residents use always seem clean and safe. There are plenty of group activities, like bingo and dancing, for the residents to enjoy… All around, The Glenn is a wonderful place for loved ones, and I know my grandmother greatly enjoyed living there.”

  1. Nick W., Local Guide (

“I am very pleased with The Glen. They have an excellent staff and are very caring people. Their facilities/community are first class. I highly recommend their organization.”

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