All About Assisted Living Communities

All About Assisted Living Communities

People age differently. Some of us continue to walk every morning, cook all of our meals and remain independent. Others might find themselves needing more assistance completing daily tasks, yet still want to maintain a level of independence. 

What are assisted living communities? Who should live in them? What makes them different? There’s plenty to learn when looking at assisted living options in Shreveport.

What are assisted living communities?

Assisted living is a level of care offered at a retirement community where residents enjoy support from staff members that they would not receive if they lived on their own. There is 24-hour staff available, as well as additional services that provide enough support so the person living in an assisted living community feels secure.  That being said, residents still get to enjoy their privacy in their apartment.

Who should live in assisted living communities?

If you find yourself treasuring independence, but you’re in need of a little extra support, then an assisted living community may be perfect for you. As mentioned above, you’ll have access to staff assistance when you need it, but you can make your day (and your apartment) your own. Assisted living is also ideal for individuals with family members who can no longer support them, either because of finances, stress or another life event. 

What makes an assisted living community different?

Assisted living differs from independent living in that there is extra support staff available if needed. 

Other things to know about assisted living communities

Residents in assisted living can enjoy rich, meaningful, fun lives. At The Glen, you’ll be able to personalize your private apartment while having access to beautiful common areas and a variety of amenities (such as the Chapel, library, general store, gift shop and other areas around The Glen). You’ll also be surrounded by a welcoming community, so friendships are sure to flourish if you’d like to build new relationships or nurture old ones. In short, you’ll get the independence you want, but still receive all the support you need.

If you’re interested in an assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, consider touring The Glen Stiles Apartments. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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