6 Must-Haves In a Memory Care Senior Living Facility

6 Must-Haves In a Memory Care Senior Living Facility

The world can be a confusing place and when you or a family member is beginning to suffer from memory loss, it can be harder to navigate. Fortunately, memory care senior living communities can provide a comfortable space to give those suffering from memory loss the assistance they need.

The only question is, what should an ideal memory care community look like? From spacious rooms and modern security to a 24-hour staff and the ability to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, there are several essentials when it comes to memory care communities in Shreveport, LA. Let’s look at six of them.

  1. Comfortable Living Spaces

One of the biggest priorities for those living with memory loss is a comfortable, cozy assisted living environment. With an inviting apartment, your family member can enjoy his or her own individual space while still receiving some assistance with activities of daily living or support services. At The Glen, we offer these options with lots of amenities.

  1. 24-Hour Staff and Security

Those dealing with memory loss often need more assistance than those who aren’t, which is why having staff and a courtesy officer available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year is so important. At The Cottages (assisted living memory care at The Glen), we have 24-hour staff, including Certified Nursing Assistants who provide direct care to all residents. We also have an electronically secured building and campus courtesy officers.

  1. Beautiful Grounds

Mental health is just as important as physical health, especially when it comes to residents in memory care. Well-kept, beautiful landscaping and walking paths can do wonders for this aspect of health and provides a great escape from the indoors. 

  1. Active Community

One way to stimulate the mind is to keep it active. That’s why the best memory care senior living communities have several activities for residents to enjoy. From baking cookies to playing games or listening to music, activities offer just the right balance of stimulation and enjoyment.

  1. Specialized Services

Even among people suffering from memory loss, some have greater needs than others. Look for a memory care community that offers additional services such as extra housekeeping, guest meals or on-site beauty salon services. 

  1. Support Groups

The individual suffering from memory loss needs additional support, but so do those closest to them. If you are currently a caregiver for a loved one with memory loss, a support group is a great resource to share your challenges. At The Glen, we have a monthly support group that is open to everyone in the community, regardless of having a loved one living at The Glen or not.When it comes to memory care in Shreveport, trust the team at The Glen. Give us a call at 318-798-3500 to learn more about our memory care senior living community.

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