4 Ways Older Adults Can Reduce Stress

4 Ways Older Adults Can Reduce Stress

Stress is a common problem. With keeping up a home, including the landscaping, there are a lot of responsibilities associated with daily life that gets more difficult as we age.

Moving into a retirement community is a great option and can help lessen the stress in life. Here are a few ways a retirement community can help:

  1. Fewer responsibilities

Are there any tasks you can let someone else handle, or pay someone to address? Lawn care and home maintenance are two examples, but many people can often use help in every area of daily living. This is especially true for those experiencing new medical issues or conditions associated with aging. If there are fewer responsibilities to worry about, there will be less stress in life as a result.

  1. A comfortable environment

We get stressed when we are uncomfortable. Uncertainty and memory loss can contribute to increased feelings of discomfort, even if you are in your own home. It is possible to feel lonely and if the environment is no longer as soothing as it once was. Increasing comfort will reduce stress, so consider changes like adding more safety features to the home, and upgrade a bed, couch or anywhere else you spend most of your time.

  1. Fun games and activities

Sports, games and other activities are great stress-relievers, as they get the blood flowing and spread the natural feel-good chemicals that are generated to the rest of the body. You can adjust the activity based on the ability level, such as bean bag baseball, for example. Try to find a game or activity you might enjoy, even if you have never tried it before.

  1. More social opportunities

Another way to address depression, loneliness and stress is to increase social opportunities. We crave this more as we age, especially if we have lost close friends or family members. Spending more time with others can reduce stress, as will attending events, worship services, Bible study groups, social hours and art exhibits.

If you are experiencing increased stress, contact us today to go over the living options we have available at The Glen.

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