Tips for Transitioning a Loved One to a Retirement Community

Tips for Transitioning a Loved One to a Retirement Community

Not a fan of change? You’re not alone. According to an independent survey on LinkedIn, one in three people would avoid change if they could. This applies to every area of our life, from the residence we live in to the menu item we order every single time we visit our favorite restaurant.

Changes aren’t easy for most people, but this is especially true for the elderly. Ifsomeone in your life is preparing to move into a retirement community, here are some tips to help their transition go smoothly.

Have Empathy

Start by getting in the right mindset. Before you even start trying to help someone, take a moment to step back and consider how challenging this will be for them. Change is difficult, as we’ve already established, and those of us who have developed routines can be stressed out by an unexpected change in living arrangements. Have empathy for your loved one and the fact they will be experiencing a big lifestyle change.

Choose the Right Retirement Community

Next, before you do anything else, make sure you’re choosing the right retirement community. All of the loving help you provide with the transition won’t matter if the friend or family member doesn’t enjoy living in their new home. Make sure the retirement community in Shreveport you’re considering has a variety of apartment options, a friendly staff and plenty of amenities/events for residents to enjoy. Do your research!

Don’t Involve Them With Details

Your loved one(s) doesn’t need to know months in advance that you are planning to transition them to a new home—especially if they are dealing with memory loss. This will lead to increased stress and anxiety for whatever length of time it is until move day. Wait until move day is closer (or it’s the actual move day) and don’t involve them with details of their move, like packing, utilities and so forth. The less they have to worry about, the better. That being said, we recommend taking this on a case-by-case basis and approach it with good intentions meant to help enrich your loved one’s life.

Work With Staff Members

Finally, work with the new retirement community and its staff to ensure a smooth transition for your loved one. It’s a good idea to visit the community a couple of times with your loved one ahead of time, if you can (and they already know about the move). This will help them get used to the new environment and meet their new caretakers. The community may also have a transition program, so be sure to ask about your options when you’re researching or interviewing prospective retirement communities.

If you or a loved one is considering moving to a senior living retirement community, consider a visit to The Glen and schedule a tour with us today.

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