The Glen Our Story

The Glen: Our Story

They say that everybody has a story to tell. This doesn’t just apply to people, though—it can refer to brands as well. Do you know how your favorite companies got started? Their leaders? Their mission? This can all play a role in how well you know and trust a given company.

The same goes for senior living facilities, which is why we’ll be covering The Glen’s story in today’s post. From its origins and history to leadership and mission, here’s what you need to know about The Glen Retirement System in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Our History

First, a little about how it all got started. We’ve been invested in the local community of Shreveport, Louisiana, since 1890 when Miss Mary Files first dreamed of opening a permanent place for the homeless and elderly. She passed away before she reached her goal, but she left a donation behind to help it become a reality in 1898, thanks to the help of her two sisters, Miss Dick Files and Mrs. Rhoda Files Hunter. Together, they formed the “Home for the Homeless,” with a Board of Directors that continues to serve as a governing body to this day.

Our Book

Dr. Ann Mathison McLaurin wrote an in-depth book about the first 100 years of The Glen. Titled “The History of The Glen, 1898-1998” it’s available for purchase in The Village General Store, accessible via our main entrance. It covers a century of customer service that The Glen has been able to provide to the local community.

Our Leadership/Community

Our Management Team and Board of Directors work diligently to manage the daily operations of The Glen. The team sets goals and plans to ensure that The Glen remains a leader in the senior living industry, plays a vital part in the local community, and honors its rich history. Additionally, our community outreach programs are extremely important to us and our leadership. These include Paws With Purpose, a pet therapy program that provides companionship to residents, and The Caregivers, a memory loss support group that meets monthly.

Our Mission

The Glen has preserved the mission and vision of its predecessors while expanding support services and community outreach programs. That’s why our mission continues to be reflected in the actions and care of each of our staff members on a daily basis. We care about the comfort of our residents more than anything else and will always be an open door to the elderly in the Shreveport, LA, community.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Glen and seeing our campus in person for yourself, schedule a tour today.

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