The Glen February 2020 Calendars

There are so many exciting things going on at The Glen in February. Here are the top 5 events this month:

  1. Make Your Own Mardi Gras Mask: 2 and 3 p.m. Tuesday, February 4 (Cottages)
  2. Games with Celebration Church Youth: 10 a.m. Saturday, February 8 (Village Health Care – Cypress House)
  3. Valentine’s Day Celebration: 3 p.m., Friday, February 14 (Auditorium)
  4. Trip to Tinseltown to see “The Call of the Wild”: Tuesday, February 25 (Village Health Care)
  5. Summer Grove Baptist Joy Choir: 10 a.m., Wednesday, February 26 (Auditorium)

See more activities by clicking on our calendars below!

Stiles Apartments February 2020 Calendar

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Cottages Memory Care February 2020 Calendar