Residents share secrets to how they made their apartment their home

Though life at The Glen isn’t only centered around your apartment, it is still very important for you to choose the perfect square footage and location that works with your lifestyle and personal items. At The Stiles Apartments, many residents have taken advantage of the space within their floor plan to make their apartments a special setting and an ideal place for them to call their home. We asked three residents to invite us in and give us a tour through their home at The Glen.

Nestled in the heart of The Stiles Apartments, Jane Pell has made her apartment a lovely version of her home continents away from home.

If you know Jane, you know that she is originally from England and often plays hostess to friends and neighbors. Her roommate and pet sheltie, Bella, also offers a wagging welcome to guests when they visit.

Specifically, Jane chose the two-bedroom, two-bathroom at The Stiles. Though this floor plan offers an extra bedroom, the additional room does not have to be designated as bedroom. In fact, when Jane was deciding on what floor plan she’d like to live in at The Stiles Apartments, one thing that was important to her was to have the space for a designated dining room. She loves hosting a high tea with some of her friends and other residents at The Stiles.

Space was also factor in her decision to choose the two-bedroom. With nearly 800 square feet available, the extra space allowed her to keep her father’s desk and mother’s china cabinet – both priceless possessions that she wouldn’t have wanted to part with.

“This is perfect for me. I have made it my own home and I so enjoy living here,” Jane said.

Just a few doors down, Ruby Lynn Capelan was thrilled to show off her very comfortable, one-bedroom space. Walking into her apartment, she often points out how the space is convenient and perfect for her furniture.

Ruby said the one-bedroom was able to accommodate all that she wanted, but it was also those extra details that made all the difference in a one-bedroom floor plan.

Ruby liked the one-bedroom, one-bathroom for the amount of closet space, along with a built-in bookshelf in the living room right next to the kitchen. She also thought the patio was a nice additional space. She liked the idea of having an outdoor entrance and exit to go outside and enjoy the weather when nice.

Living a life of comfort is important to Ruby – meaning having a comfortable place to sit for a visit or a good book is paramount. When she isn’t enjoying an outdoor performance by the Shreveport Opera or engaging with Centenary students for a special pen pal project, she enjoys spending time in her apartment seated on comfortable furniture. “It was important that my recliner and sofa were a part of my home,” Ruby said. She likes to make guests who visit her feel at home, and having her furniture work in the one-bedroom was important to her.

“This is the perfect amount of space for me,” she said. Also, Ruby personalized her home by utilizing the wall space with family images and artwork from her family and grandchildren who affectionately call her “Memmu.”

Out of this group of residents at The Stiles, Lucille Rainey would be the first one to tout the size of her patio space outside of her studio apartment. Due to her location, Lucille’s residence allows her one of the largest outdoor patios offered at The Stiles Apartments.

Depending on location, each apartment at The Stiles offers a special dose of character and a pinch of uniqueness to define the space.

>>Pro Tip: When you tour, be sure to ask about finding an apartment that caters to your interests and personality, just like Lucille did.

No question, enjoying the outdoors was important for Lucille. She made her sizeable patio a comfortable spot for her to spend time. It’s no wonder her mat says, “welcome friends,” because she is a friendly person who loves engaging in all of the events offered at The Stiles.

Lucille has found so much to appreciate about her accommodations. She found the ideal studio apartment. “The studio is ample for one person,” she said.

Plus, she said the open floor plan makes it easier to designate the spaces within the apartment how you choose.

Lucille sees the open floor plan of the studio apartment as a benefit. “The kitchen leads into the living area, and I like how the bedroom is in the back of the apartment for privacy. You don’t feel closed in,” she said. “The Glen offers so many activities and you can join those. You can spend some time in your room, but not all day long.”

Check out each one of the floor plans offered at The Stiles Apartments virtually:

2BR Apartment (similar to Jane’s home)

1BR Apartment (similar to Ruby’s home)

Studio Apartment (similar to Lucille’s home)

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