Shortening the List - Shreveport Assisted Living Facilities

Shortening the List: Shreveport Assisted Living Facilities

When searching for assisted living communities in Shreveport and the surrounding area, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. A quick online search for Shreveport assisted living facilities gives a list of more than 15 communities, and that’s before scrolling down the list. While it is excellent news that Louisiana seniors have so many choices for getting the support they need to stay healthy, it can be confusing when trying to determine where to start the decision making process.

Here are a few tips for shortening the list as you narrow down your choices for Shreveport assisted living facilities.

Start with Type of Care

Not all retirement communities provide assisted living services. If you or your loved one can benefit from 24-hour caregiver support and assistance with one or more activities of daily living, assisted living is likely your best senior living solution. Ensure the communities on your list offer assisted living services. Any other communities can be crossed off your list.

Amenities That Matter

Shreveport assisted living facilities often feature amenities that feel luxurious and make life a bit more convenient. However, if you or your loved one won’t use a specific amenity, make sure that you aren’t basing your decision on an amenity list that doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, make a list of amenities that do matter to you, and make sure the communities on your list offer them.

Services to Enhance Life

Similar to amenities, investigate the services provided by different assisted living communities and ensure the ones that will benefit you most are offered. You might want scheduled transportation services since you no longer drive, or you might want regular housekeeping visits so that you don’t have to spend your energy tidying up your home.

Floor Plans Matter

Next, take a look at the floor plans available at each community that remains on your list. While you might not know which floor plans are currently available, you can tell if the community has multiple options to meet different preferences and budgets. If you have a pet that will be moving with you, be sure the Shreveport assisted living facility you’re researching offers pet-friendly accommodations as well.

Financial Planning

Finally, consider the monthly costs associated with the assisted living communities on your list. You want to be sure you can afford the fees, but you also want to research ways to offset the costs as well

Now What?

After reviewing care type, amenities, services, and floor plans, you can begin to tour Shreveport assisted living facilities that are within your budget. Community tours are excellent ways to get a glimpse of what life is like there, as well as to meet key staff members and residents, and get more information about the community. Take notes as you tour communities and don’t be worried if you have a few that are still at the top of your list. You can always return to those top contenders for a follow-up tour or to have a meal or participate in an event.

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