Retirement Community Living vs Senior Housing

Retirement Community Living vs. Senior Housing

Some adults want to find somewhere new to live after retirement. While some choose to move in order to make new friends, others might choose to move in order to downsize their living space and household responsibilities. In any case, the search for a new home begins with understanding the terms used in the senior living market.

Two of the biggest categories include retirement community living and senior housing. Let us break down the differences and similarities for you.

What is retirement community living?

Perhaps the most popular option is the retirement community. These communities cater to older adults and feature amenities and services that support health and wellness. 

A retirement community is a general term that is typically used to describe housing that is designed for older adults who can live independently. However, many retirement communities also feature additional types of assistance so that residents can receive the support they need, whenever they need it, without moving.

Life in a retirement community begins with a new home. While many retirement communities feature apartment living, the floor plans are often quite spacious and feature modern upgrades and lots of natural light. Floor plans often include one-bedroom and two-bedroom options as well.

Beyond a beautiful home, retirement community living centers around a maintenance-free lifestyle. Residents no longer need to worry about household tasks like lawn maintenance or upkeep. Flexible dining plans also mean less grocery shopping and cooking for those that prefer to eat in the community’s dining venues.

Amenities and services can also include a swimming pool, walking paths, vibrant event calendar, and wellness center.

What is senior housing?

The term senior housing is often used to describe any apartment that is zoned for adults over the age of 55, though many senior living communities typically accept residents aged 62 and older. This can include townhomes and condos as well, but apartments are the most common in this category.

Senior housing can be found in most cities or towns. However, not all senior housing is a part of a designated senior living community. Senior housing might be a set of apartments in a multi-generational apartment building, or it might be a few condos in a multi-generational community. Senior housing can also be used when describing HUD-subsidized housing for older adults.

In general, senior housing does not refer to a full community experience with a maintenance-free lifestyle and access to amenities and services designed with older adults in mind.

Which is best for me?

If you are looking for a place to retire that offers you many ways to enhance your lifestyle and health, a retirement community is likely your best choice. These active communities include welcoming neighbors, ways to get involved and try new things, as well as services created to support your health and wellness goals.

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