National Nurses Week: Persistence

The Glen is celebrating #NationalNursesWeek by recognizing the attributes that have enabled nurses at The Glen to go above and beyond in their jobs!

Characteristics such as respect, empathy, compassion, persistence, flexibility and creativity are just some of the amazing qualities that elevate the impact made by nurses who work at The Glen.

Each day, we’ll share a story about a nurse who has displayed one of these traits during their time at The Glen.


Working your way toward higher goals is something many nurses aim for at The Glen.

One nurse, who came to The Glen as an LPN in 2012, decided during her time here to begin pursuing a degree as a registered nurse.

Even after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she didn’t let that stop her from continuing in her passion at her job or impede her goal of becoming an RN.

She began treatment, going through physical therapy and occupational therapy. She also stuck with her ongoing schooling, determined to receive her degree.

She worked her way up and is now in a director of nursing position at The Glen, leading the way and inspiring others with her tenacity and persistence to accomplish her goals no matter what life throws her way.

You can start or continue your own journey at The Glen just like this nurse did. Click here to apply for a job opportunity as an LPN.

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