Life Plan Communities - The New Retirement Community

Life Plan Communities: The New Retirement Community

If you’re looking for a standard retirement community in Shreveport with one level of care, you might want to think again. Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs), are senior living communities with multiple levels of care in a single location. There aren’t many communities like this locally. Fortunately, The Glen is one in the Shreveport area.

Let’s take a look at Life Plan Communities/CCRCs and discuss their benefits, as well as why they’re redefining the meaning of the term “retirement community.”

Multiple Care Options

Some facilities might be limited in their service offerings and living options. If you need extra medical care or assistance, you might have to move to another location. With a Life Plan Community, on the other hand, you can simply transition through different levels of care at the same location. At The Glen, for example, we offer every level of care—independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care—on one campus located at 403 East Flournoy Lucas Road.

Better Health and Wellness

Your health involves more than just your body. There is physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health and more. Life Plan Communities keep this in mind by catering to each area of wellness with various services and amenities, such as hosting art exhibits, exercise classes, sports and services in the Chapel. Other facilities might not have the staff or resources to address every area of health and wellness.

More Access

At a Life Plan Community, activities are designed to be accessible to residents. For instance, chair yoga makes it easier to do poses while still receiving the exercise benefits, and bean bag baseball is more enjoyable for older adults than traditional baseball. You’ll find both of these activities and more offered at The Glen.

Better Aging

Studies show that residents of Life Plan Communities simply age better than older adults in the general community. From physical and social wellness to intellectual ability, these residents score well in a variety of health measures. This indicates a higher quality of life and a better overall aging experience.

If you’re looking for a community in Shreveport, consider a Life Plan Community instead. Contact us at The Glen for a tour today.

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