How to Make a Move Without the Added Stress (1)

How to Make a Move Without the Added Stress

Retirement living is full of perks, amenities, and services that will surely benefit and enhance your current lifestyle. However, no matter how confident you are in your decision, it is still easy to get overwhelmed with the next phase of your plan: the move itself.

Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful tips that can assist you in making a move to your new retirement community home less stressful or overwhelming. Let us help by providing you with a few of our favorite tips and tricks that we have learned while making moves as easy as possible for residents of The Glen.

Know the Details

Before you can begin any downsizing or decision-making, you need to be sure you have the details of your new residence . After you choose  the  floor plan, get a copy of the measurements from the retirement community’s representative. You’ll appreciate knowing the space you are moving into as you determine which art will fit on which wall and if your antique hutch will nestle in the corner. 

Now is also the time to get the details on any moving day logistics, as well as knowing any rules or recommendations on what you should  or shouldn’t  bring to your new residence . 

Hire Help

If possible, don’t go at your moving preparations alone. Investing money into hiring a professional organizer with downsizing (or rightsizing) experience is often well worth the money to get you started off on the right foot. Hiring professional packers and movers is also a wise investment. If you aren’t sure which organizer or company to work with, contact your new retirement community. They likely have a list of vetted referrals to make your search easier.

Take Your Time

If you have months or weeks to plan your move, you have time to work at your own pace without becoming overwhelmed. Try tackling one room every few days and be kind to yourself if you need a day off to do something else. You’ll feel rested and confident that you made good decisions if you tackle the packing and downsizing process with plenty of time on your side.

Celebrate and Anticipate

Perhaps the best advice you can get about creating an atmosphere for a smooth transition to retirement living is to celebrate your current home while anticipating your new lifestyle. Take time to invite family and friends over to enjoy your current home, stroll your favorite trails, shop at your favorite local retailers and enjoy meals at your favorite neighborhood restaurants. Squeeze everything you love out of your current home, taking plenty of photos and create good memories to carry with you in your new chapter.

Meanwhile, find time to anticipate your new residence as well. Make sure you schedule time to attend an event or meal in your new community. You’ll love meeting new friends before you even move in and once moving day arrives, there will be plenty of friendly faces to welcome you home.

Haven’t chosen a retirement community to call home yet? We welcome you to take a personalized tour of The Glen. Our community is unlike any other and we love showing it off.

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