Moving in with Adult Children Pros and Cons

Moving in with Adult Children: Pros and Cons

Many older adults these days are considering moving in with their adult children instead of moving to an assisted living or independent living community. But is moving in with family the best option? Let us review the pros and cons of moving in with adult children, then discuss a good alternate option.

Advantages of moving in with adult children

Living with an aging family member is something to consider if the family member is ready to make a change in their lifestyle. Be sure that you have thought about all factors prior to changing up two households. Here are some of the other pros of moving in with adult children:

  • More time with family: As we get busy, it can be difficult to make time for our family. When an older family member moves in with children, this can mean more bonding time.
  • Help with daily living: Adult children can often support their older family member more efficiently than they can support themselves in some cases.
Disadvantages of moving in with adult children

While there are advantages to moving in with adult children, there are definitely disadvantages as well. You’ll have to weigh these pros and cons and decide the best route for you and your family. That being said, here are some of the cons of moving in with adult children that you should factor into your decision:

  • Increased stress for family: Taking on another responsibility of caring for an aging family member can be taxing for adult children, who are usually busy and may have a young family of their own.
  • Less personal time: A new person in the house means there is less privacy for the adults in that house, so keep this lifestyle change in mind.
  • Increased irritability: While the older relative in your life may be family, changes in lifestyle might heighten irritability. Unaddressed problems from the past can also increase the likelihood of conflict.
  • Hidden/unexpected costs: While it may seem like an older family member moving in with an adult child is a money-saving move, it can actually have the reverse effect. Medical expenses, home modifications or a need to upsize in home and additional expenses can pile up in a hurry.
The Life Plan Community alternative

The Glen is an ideal alternative to an older family member moving in with adult children. All of their needs are accounted for, from mental and physical health to companionship and medical support. You can still enjoy many of the pros mentioned above (like frequent visits and ensuring they are comfortable and supported), but you can avoid the disadvantages that come with them.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Glen and our living options, contact us today.

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