Visitation Information for Guests at Village Health Care

Visitation Information for Guests Please visit frequently for updates on the facility’s COVID status and visitation information. Village Health Care at the Glen is happy to announce we will be able to schedule visitation for guests. Outdoor visitation is preferred when the weather is good. Indoor visitation will be permitted dependent upon facility outbreak testing, the parish positivity rate, and the vaccination status of the residents. As the ability to permit visitation may change at any time, all visitation must be scheduled. Virtual visitation and window visits may continue without any change to the process. General Visitation Guidelines:

1. All visitation will be scheduled. Visits may be scheduled at anytime as long as the resident is agreeable to receiving guests.

2. Guests must continuously wear a mask or face covering for the duration of the visit. Any person, including children, unable to comply with mask requirement will only be permitted to schedule outside visitation. Children, or any person, unable to consistently wear a mask cannot enter the facility.

3. All visits are limited to 2 guests per resident due to the requirement to maintain social distancing.

4. To permit as many residents as possible to have visits each day, visitation is limited to 1 hour.

5. Social distancing of at least 6 feet is required at all times. Fully vaccinated residents may decide to have close contact including touch with guests during their visit while the resident is wearing a tightfitting mask.

6. All visitors should perform hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand sanitizer prior to the visit and frequently throughout the visit.

7. All visitors are to enter the main facility entrance to be screened for temperature and COVID symptoms. Please apply your face covering before entering and maintain 6 feet spacing at the screening desk.

8. We encourage all guests to consider vaccination; however, the vaccination status of the guest does not impact the fact that all guests are to comply with the current visitation guidance in order to be permitted visitations. Any guest, regardless of vaccination status, that is unwilling or unable to comply with visitation guidance will be asked to leave the facility.

9. Visitors must be willing to provide information for contact tracing required by the Louisiana Department of Health. The facility is required to collect the visitors name, contact number, arrival time, departure time, and the location of the visit within the facility. This information may be submitted to the Louisiana Department of Health.

10. Visitors are required to report if they should develop signs or symptoms of respiratory illness or test positive for COVID 19 within 14 days of their visit to the facility.

11. Admissions and Hospital Returns: Residents who are admitted to the facility from home or the hospital will be under a required quarantine to their room for 14 days. During this time residents will only receive visits that are outdoors, virtual, through windows, or in-person for compassionate care situations, with adherence to transmission-based precautions.

12. Isolation: Residents under transmission-based precautions will only receive visits that are virtual, through windows, or in-person for compassionate care situations, with adherence to transmissionbased precautions.

13. Outdoor visitations: Participants are required to locate outside the visitation tent with the resident located inside the visitation tent as a physical barrier. Guests may remove masks during the visit once the physical barrier is in place; otherwise, guests are required to socially distance 6 feet and wear a mask for any other contact.

14. All indoor visitors must travel directly to their resident’s location following screening and directly to the exit upon departure. Visitors may not visit other residents or walk about the facility.

15. Dining: Guests will not be permitted to dine with residents at this time, guests are required to wear face coverings or masks continuously during the visit.

16. Shared Rooms: Visits for residents who share a room will not be conducted in the resident’s room but will be arranged outdoors or in an alternate indoor visitation room. For situations where there is a roommate and the health status of the resident prevents leaving the room, the facility will arrange accommodations that meet the core principles of infection control for COVID 19.

17. Indoor visitation may only occur if the parish positivity rate is less than 10%. If the parish positivity rate is greater than 10%, and less than 70% of residents in the facility are fully vaccinated, indoor visitation may only be scheduled for residents that are fully vaccinated.

18. Indoor visitation may only occur if there has been no new onset of COVID-19 cases within the facility in the last 14 days and the facility is not currently conducting outbreak testing. Once one new case of COVID-19 is identified the facility is required to stop all inside visitation immediately and conduct outbreak testing. If no additional cases of COVID-19 are identified in other households of the facility, then inside visitation may resume for all areas with exception of the household in which the positive case was located. The area with the positive case is required to be placed on quarantine for a minimum of 14 days for outbreak testing. Any new positive case identified will extend the duration until 14 days have passed with no positive cases. If visitation is paused, it will be resumed following this guidance.

19. Indoor visitation for the entire facility must be suspended if one additional case of COVID-19 is identified outside of the initial outbreak area during the first round of testing. The facility will implement the required quarantine and outbreak testing procedures for a minimum of 14 days. Any new positive case identified will extend the duration until 14 days have passed with no positive cases. If visitation is paused, it will be resumed following this guidance.

20.Compassionate Care Visitation: all residents may not qualify for compassionate care visitation. Decisions on compassionate care visitation are made following visitation guidelines, using a personcentered approach, and taking into account the resident’s physical condition. The following reasons are some examples, not all inclusive, of situations in which a resident may meet criteria for compassionate care visitation: • End of life circumstances. Hospice care is not solely a criterion for compassionate care visitation. • A resident who is being admitted to a nursing home or moving to a new room is struggling with the change in environment and lack of physical family support. • A resident who is grieving after a friend or family member recently passed away. • A resident who needs cueing and encouragement with eating or drinking, previously provided by family and/or caregiver(s), is experiencing weight loss or dehydration. • A resident, who used to talk and interact with others, is experiencing emotional distress, seldom speaking, or crying more frequently (when the resident had rarely cried in the past). • Clergy or lay persons providing for spiritual or religious needs.

21. Off-Campus visitation /out trips: • Fully vaccinated residents: may leave campus for visitation or out trips and are not required to quarantine upon return. • Unvaccinated residents / residents who have not completed the vaccination series: may leave the campus for visitation or out trips but will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon return.

To schedule a visit please contact: Cassandra Giannobile or Amy Krohn at 318-213-3500