Starting a Career in Senior Living in Louisiana

Starting a Career in Senior Living in Louisiana

Have you been contemplating a career change, just starting to look for your first job or perhaps been wondering if there is another job out there you would enjoy more than your current one? Whether you are new to the job market or have been in the workforce for decades, it’s never too late to explore a career in senior living in Louisiana.

Working in senior living is rewarding, to be certain, but it is also challenging in the best way. You have the opportunity to serve others, use your creativity, and enjoy knowing you are truly making a positive difference in the lives of those around you every time you punch in. Curious to learn more? Let us guide you through how to start a career in senior living in Louisiana.

What is senior living?

Senior living, sometimes called retirement living, is any community that serves older adults. Residents live in the retirement community in their own residences and enjoy amenities and services that make life more convenient and help them to stay as healthy as possible. 

There are four main types of senior living: independent living, assisted living, memory care and health care, sometimes referred to as skilled nursing. Each type of retirement community serves residents with different social and health needs.

What kind of jobs are available in senior living in Louisiana?

It takes a team to keep a retirement community running well, and each team member can showcase their talents in different roles throughout that community. For example, there can be caregivers who provide personalized assistance to residents, as well as nurses who provide health oversight. Most communities have chefs and dining room servers who are there to create delicious meals and outstanding dining experiences. Retirement communities have life enrichment team members who plan events and programs that residents enjoy.

Other roles available in many retirement communities can include maintenance or environmental workers, housekeepers, concierge team members, marketing and sales representatives and administrative staff.

How do I know if a senior living job is for me?

It is common for retirement community employees to have a heart for serving others, especially older adults. However, not everyone has had direct experience working with older adults, and that is okay too. Retirement communities often provide excellent training that will help you know how to best use your talents in your role.

However, you must be service-oriented in order to succeed in a retirement living career. If you love helping others, getting to know new people, developing meaningful relationships with others, or have a desire to care for someone, senior living could be an excellent field to explore more.

How can I get started?

If possible, begin your career by volunteering. Retirement communities are often searching for reliable volunteers. When you volunteer, you can get to know more about the community and the residents while building your experience.

You can also start looking at the roles available in retirement communities near you. Read the descriptions to determine what role might fit your interests and experience best. Then, apply! You never know what type of long-term career could come out of one application.

Good luck!

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