Questions to Ask Your Loved One’s Physician About Senior Living

Questions To Ask Your Loved One’s Physician About Senior Living

Is a retirement community the best option for your loved one? For many family members, the first stop when determining the next best steps for an older adult is their loved one’s physician office. It’s no wonder why people turn to their loved one’s doctor: their primary care physician often knows them quite well and has experience in knowing what might occur in the next few months or years.

If you are ready to begin discussing senior living, the physician’s office is a great place to start the conversation. Here are a few questions you can bring with you to your appointment.

What type of support does my loved one need right now?

Choosing a retirement community means knowing what type of living option – independent living, assisted living, memory care or healthcare – your loved one needs at the moment. The doctor can offer their recommendations on how much support or assistance your loved one might need with activities of daily living (or ADLs), which can help you determine which living option to look at.

What type of support will my loved one need down the road?

If your loved one is living with a chronic condition, such as COPD, Parkinson’s Disease or diabetes, your physician can predict what type of support they may need as the condition progresses. This information is valuable as you determine what retirement community can assist your loved one now and in the future. When possible, choose a community that has multiple living options available all on one campus so that you can reduce the number of times you need to move your loved one as their needs increase.

What are the benefits of retirement community life for my loved one?

Many physicians have seen the benefits of living in a retirement community firsthand by watching their patients thrive in that environment. Ask what type of benefits they believe your loved one would get in a retirement community, based on your loved one’s particular situation.

What are the drawbacks of retirement community life for my loved one?

If you ask about the benefits, it’s fair to inquire about the drawbacks as well. Knowing both sides of the senior living coin can help you make an unbiased decision.

Do you have any communities you can recommend?

Physicians will often provide a vetted list of communities they have worked with in the past. You can use this list to begin your own research as you schedule tours of communities near you.

Do you visit any local retirement communities?

At The Glen, we are proud to have established many positive relationships with physicians throughout the Shreveport area. We would love to continue the conversation with you and your family as you begin your research. Contact us to ask specific questions or to schedule your personalized tour.

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