Is a Retirement Community the Solution for Less Stress?

The right retirement community can be the key to overall enhanced wellness thanks to a lower-maintenance lifestyle, new neighbors to connect with and amenities designed to support health goals. However, could the right retirement community also be the key to decreasing stress for the whole family? We think so.

Dangers of Stress

For adults, whether a senior or their family members, too much stress is never good for physical or mental health. The American Institute of Stress reports that just under half of all adults over the age of 50 felt stressed or anxious for at least two days over a two-week period. That stress leads to inflammation, sleep disturbances, increased depression and anxiety, increased blood pressure and an increased risk of chronic health conditions. For family caregivers, the added stress of caregiving can lead to similar health problems, as well as increase the risk of elder abuse.

Retirement Community Living as a Stress Reducer

For adults who choose retirement community life, many stressors disappear when they first move in. For example, new residents no longer have to worry about scheduling house repairs or lawn maintenance as that is all taken care of in their new community. Further, residents in a retirement community can stop worrying about chores like housekeeping or preparing three meals a day on their own thanks to services available at their new home.

But stress isn’t just about performing household tasks. Stress often arises because adults are worried they may fall with no one at home to help them or might be anxious about keeping up with their medication regimen. At a retirement community, there is support from team members and caregivers to provide peace of mind that someone is there in case of an emergency or to keep them on track with their daily personal tasks.

In addition, building friendships can be a key to reducing daily stress. Unfortunately, keeping up with friends while living at home in the greater community can become more difficult for adults as they age. Life in a retirement community, however, is designed to increase social opportunities for the residents who live there.

Finally, a great stress reliever is getting involved with favorite hobbies, starting a consistent exercise program and spending time learning something new. At a retirement community, residents enjoy a vibrant event calendar full of opportunities to get involved with programs and excursions to keep them busy and fulfilled.

What About Family Caregivers?

Stress on family caregivers can lead to serious health consequences, damaged family relationships and other negative outcomes. When a resident moves to a retirement community, family caregivers benefit by knowing there is someone at the community to take care of tasks they may be helping with. Further, family caregivers have peace of mind knowing their loved one is cared for, happy, safe and comfortable.

Retirement community life can be the key to less stress for both residents and their loved ones. Learn more about what The Glen’s lifestyle can offer you by scheduling your tour today. We are happy to answer any questions and can’t wait to get to know you.

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