Expressing Creativity in Senior Living

Expressing Creativity in Senior Living

It’s never too early or too late to get in touch with your creative side. In fact, many adults in retirement communities are finding new ways to express their creativity and provide a glimpse into their personalities and preferences. If you or your loved one are living in a senior living community, here are just a few ways to express your creativity in senior living that may pique your interests as an artist, stylist, writer, or other creative.

Benefits of Creativity

Research has pointed to creativity as one of the foundations of healthy aging. Creativity is linked to the personality trait of openness, which has been connected to longevity; similarly, participating in creative expression can enhance well-being and quality of life. But the benefits of creativity don’t stop there. Adults report feeling empowered, having a higher self-esteem as well as increased confidence when they participate in any type of creative activity.

Don’t worry if you don’t describe yourself as an artist. Creativity can take many forms, including music, writing, and even personal style.

Creative Opportunities in Senior Living

Retirement communities are always looking for ways to create a holistic approach to wellness. This means that in addition to health services and amenities that support physical and cognitive health, you’ll also find events and activities that are designed to inspire a bit of creativity. Depending on the community, you might find offerings such as:

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Cultural video programs
  • Art classes
  • Craft workshops
  • Book clubs 
  • Group sing-alongs
  • Holiday decor-making

Of course, these traditional activities aren’t the only way residents in senior living communities can get creative. Other opportunities include:

  • Decorating your apartment to represent your style
  • Dressing in your favorite clothes, even if you require support or assistance from a caregiver
  • Using makeup as a creative expression, even if you need a little extra help from a caregiver
  • Writing in a journal or composing a novel
  • Sketching while sitting outside in the community gardens
  • Gardening with potted plants on your patio or arranging tabletop bouquets for your home
  • Creating a wreath to hang on your door

Travel has also been linked to inspiration and creative expression. Many retirement communities offer excursions to local destinations. 

Getting Started

Expressing creativity doesn’t come easily to everyone, but the benefits certainly apply to all older adults. It’s well worth it to challenge yourself to get inspired and find that inner creativity. Try attending a group class that sounds interesting to you. The facilitator will be there to encourage you and walk you through the project. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for your inner creativity and you just might make a new friend while you are there.

You’ll find a wide variety of activities and events to support your creative expression at The Glen. No matter where on campus you live, you’ll find plenty of ways to reap the benefits of creativity.

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